Paint sprayers are powerful tools designed for a quick and easy application of paint on walls and other surfaces. They come in a range of models and styles, but ultimately they all do the same thing. Namely, they provide smooth, flawless results without brush or roller strokes.

These tools can be used in most DIY projects, but the outcome will depend on the choice of tool.

And we know that unless you’re an expert, choosing the right sprayer for your project can be confusing. However, you needn’t fret. We already tested and rated the best paint sprayers in the UK. Check our top picks below.


Our #1 Best Pick

wagner for fences & decking

Wagner Fence & Decking

Powerful paint sprayer for solvent or water-based fence paint, varnish and stains.

Low Cost Option


Tacklife SGP15AC 400W

A best-selling paint sprayer for walls, furniture and more – available at an affordable price.

Best Of The Rest

Terratek 700W Pro Electric Spray Gun

Powerful paint sprayer for domestic and professional use, guaranteed by a 24-month warranty.

Mylek Pro Spray 700W

Commercial-grade power packed in a domestic-use product, specially designed to save time and effort.

Cuprinol MPSB 2-In-1 Shed & Fence Paint Sprayer

Unique 2-in-1 sprayer and brush for sheds and fences.

wagner for fences & decking
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Our #1 pick – a highly versatile paint sprayer for exterior and interior use.

As its name suggests, Wagner Fence & Decking Paint Sprayer is a power tool developed specifically for fence and decking paints. But due to its compatibility with a range of wood products and preservatives, the sprayer is much more versatile than this.

The tool is compatible with all standard fence paints, either solvent-based or water-based, as long as the paint is suitable to be applied with a sprayer. Its impressive power ensures a one-step single-coat coverage and the results are always flawless.

Our favourite features are the extra-fine atomisation for a uniform coverage and the three paint jet settings which allow the customisation of the direction of the jet.

Coverage per minute is also great. In fact, the sprayer can cover up to 5m² in just nine minutes. Wood paints apart, users have also reported having used this sprayer with wall emulsions and paints with satisfactory results.


• Designed for precision painting, this paint sprayer boasts a fully adjustable paint flow. It is ideal to use on surfaces of all sizes.
• Easy to carry due to the separate turbine unit with shoulder strap. The sprayer has a large 1400ml paint pot.
• Powerful 460W motor ensures a perfect coverage of all wood surfaces; you can use the unit for a range of DIY projects.
• Wagner paint sprayer comes with a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty. This product is also easy to clean and maintain.
• A detachable gun allows a quick refill and clean, and an easy change of the attachments.


• The price is on the expensive side. However, the quality of the unit pays off.
• With a ridiculously short cable, the unit is frustrating to use outdoors. An extension cord can help though.

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Surprising value for money – an excellent paint sprayer ideal for those who don’t want to break the bank.

Tacklife is our best-value choice, an affordable paint sprayer that stands out with its quality. There is no surprise that Tacklife is one of the best-selling models on the market appreciated by dozens of users.

What impresses about this unit is its versatility. Compatible with almost all paints and varnishes, the product is ideal for an array of domestic paint jobs.

The three different painting modes allow you to direct the spray vertically or horizontally through nozzles of different sizes, while painting in a circular pattern is also possible.

Despite the size, the unit is lightweight and easy to use to paint walls, furniture, vehicles, appliances, fences and more. However, the gun requires a little practice to familiarise yourself with its settings and minimise waste.

Nevertheless, the excellent quality/price ratio has convinced many users – including us – to give this unit a chance.


• Unique lid design allows an easy refill without opening the container, a convenient feature that optimises the project’s time.
• Adjustable flow control ensures suitability for a range of projects. Just switch the nozzle to control the spray flow.
• Cleaning the gun is very easy and the product comes with instructions that highlight the steps required.


• 900ml container is too small for large projects. At least it can be quickly refilled without removing the lid.
• The instructions are complicated to follow and most users preferred figuring out how to operate the unit on their own.
• It feels that the sprayer wastes too much paint; perhaps this explains the low price.

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Time-saving paint sprayer provides a professional finish in a few easy steps.

Another paint sprayer that really convinced us with its strong performance is Terratek. Powered by a 700W motor, the unit paints surfaces up to 8 times faster than a traditional brush, saving time and effort. Like most spray guns, Terratek doesn’t save paint too, although an improved pattern design and spray control reduces mess and clean-up time.

Boasting three spray patterns, the unit is lightweight yet powerful. Set-up is easy, and the product comes with a few interesting perks. One is the viscosity cup that allows a quick and easy measurement of the paint’s density.

This simple measurement allows an easy adjustment of the spray pattern and also indicates whether you need to thin the paint or not.

The presence of two paint containers is also great. Each container has a capacity of 800ml and switching from one to another is a matter of seconds. This means you can use the second container for a quick refill of the gun or for painting in two different colours.


• This paint sprayer regulates the quantity of paint released during use to minimise waste and drips.
• Featuring a commercial-grade industrial motor, the unit can be used with almost all paints and varnishes.
• Improved pattern design and spray control allow users to paint either indoors or outdoors without making a mess.
• Advanced spray technology ensures a superior coverage. Sprayed paint adheres better to surfaces.


• The quality of the hose could be improved. This part is flimsy and breaks easily.

mylek pro spray
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Complete paint sprayer kit ideal for enthusiast DIYers. Perfect to use with all standard solvent and water-based paint products.

Mylek Pro Spray is a paint sprayer designed to help amateurs achieve a professional result without too much effort. This complete kit includes everything needed for the job, from an industrial-strength motor to two paint cups and a cleaning needle.

The kit also comprises a versatile 1.8m hose, two washable filters, a shoulder strap and a viscosity measuring cup.

Designed to provide exceptional results every time, the Pro Spray boasts three nozzle settings with extra-fine atomisation for uniform coverage with a single coat.

The two paint cups have different sizes to help you finish the task in a shorter time. For small projects use the 900ml cup or choose the 1.2L cup when painting large surfaces. Changing from one cup to another is an alternative way to maximise speed.

For safety and peace of mind, the product is CE certified, and it complies with the UK’s RoHS standards.


• The professional design makes it easy to paint both vertical and horizontal surfaces in a breeze.
• Cleaning the sprayer is easy by simply running water through it instead of paint. A needle helps with getting rid of clogs.
• Comprehensive instructions are written in proper English and are easy to understand. This was a lovely surprise considering the price of the product.
• Freephone helpline provides a friendly after-sale customer service.


• Despite the instructions, it may take some time to understand how to operate and adjust the sprayer.

cuprinol sprayer
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Half-way between a sprayer and a brush, this product delivers the best of both worlds.

Cuprinol 2-In-1 Shed & Fence Paint Sprayer is an interesting product designed specifically for outdoor painting, but versatile enough to use for other applications. What makes this sprayer stand out is the 2-in-1 brush and sprayer feature that delivers the best of both worlds.

In fact, the sprayer is powerful enough to provide a superior coverage. The brush ensures even control of the coverage, and this combo can decorate a fence panel in less than five minutes.

Cleaning the sprayer is easy, and the product is also easy to dismantle. According to the manufacturer, the unit is compatible only with the Cuprinol One Coat Sprayable paint and this is limiting.

However, we used this sprayer with other products and it worked well, provided that the paint had the same viscosity as Cuprinol Sprayable. Otherwise, the nozzle can clog and fixing it is a hassle.


• An excellent product that cuts down on the time and effort required to paint a fence or garden shed. The sprayer is also ideal to paint garden furniture and to apply wood treatment.
• The sprayer ensures a great coverage of the surface while the brush ensures flawless results. An exceptional combination of tools.
• Cuprinol Paint Sprayer is affordable and delivers an outstanding value for money.


• Application is messy and there is a lot of wasted paint.
• The nozzle clogs easily if the unit is used with a paint other than Cuprinol. Figuring out the right viscosity is tricky.



• Paint
• Primer
• Drop cloths
• Masking tape
• Sanding paper


• Paint sprayer


What are the different types of paint sprayer?
A paint sprayer is an alternative to the traditional painting methods designed to deliver consistent results quickly and easily. These power tools come in a range of styles and sizes, but we can essentially distinguish between airless and HVLP units.

The airless sprayers use a hose system to pump paint from a container to the gun, creating the spray without the use of compressed air. Most domestic-use units are airless and these come with a clear advantage.

Due to their superior power, airless sprayers can accommodate a variety of paint products, from thin stains to thick acrylic emulsions. They are also considered the fastest paint sprayers.

The disadvantage is the rather complex setup and the extended cleaning time. However, these tools provide flawless results on all surfaces – even those a traditional brush can’t reach.

HVLP (high volume low pressure) sprayers use air to push the paint into the nozzle, where a low-pressure air stream atomises the paint particles to create a mist-like spray pattern. These systems are more efficient than the airless units mentioned above and produce less mess.

The downside is that these sprayers don’t deal well with thick emulsions, although some of the newest models come with specific nozzles.

HVLP systems are ideal for general home use, especially for those projects that require precision.

Guidelines for painting

Step 1 – Prepare the area
Apart from the usual surface preparation, painting with a sprayer requires a thorough preparation of the area, especially if you’re working indoors. This is the messiest application method, so make sure all areas not to be painted are covered with masking tape and plastic drop cloths.

Step 2 – Prepare the sprayer
Thanks to the improved adherence of sprayed paint, priming the surface may be unnecessary. However, you’ll have to prepare the sprayer for the job.

First, make sure you use the paint as instructed. A paint that’s too thin won’t adhere to the surface, while a product that’s too thick may clog the system. Stir the paint to ensure an even consistency and strain it into the gun’s container to remove all debris.

Assemble the sprayer and make a test on a small area to check its performance before starting to paint.

Step 3 – Paint the surface
Use the sprayer as instructed to paint the whole surface with a firm motion from one side to another. A good spray system provides satisfactory results with just one coat and you won’t have to worry about brush strokes.

Clean the sprayer as instructed to prevent clogging and leave the surface to dry before removing the masking tape and drop cloths.

Allow the surface to dry completely for at least one day before touching.