Black is a classic colour but using black for home interiors, either on walls or on woodwork, is daring. That being said, this hue is easy to integrate into a design without making the environment too dark or gloomy.

Coming in a range of finishes and formulations, black paint is ideal to use on a feature wall, on doors and staircases, and even used on window frames to help create a contrast with a white or cream wall. But with dozens of products out there, how can you ensure you’re choosing the best one?

The first thing to consider when choosing the best black paint is the surface to be painted. Then, check out our expert team’s top picks below to find the right product for you.

black interior


Our #1 Best Pick

universal all surface paint

Rust-Oleum Universal Paint

Our top-rated choice – a universal all-paint suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Low Cost Option

Rustins black gloss

Rustins Black Gloss

Environmentally and budget-friendly. Quality product for interior/exterior wood & metal.

Best Of The Rest

Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood

Exceptional self-undercoating paint for interior wood and metal.

Dulux Matt Rich Black

Premium interior paint with supreme stain resistance. Ideal for a feature wall or focal point.

HQC Black Anti-Damp Paint

An eco-friendly black paint ideal to use in high condensation areas.

universal all surface paint

Paint and primer in one - an excellent product to use on a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces.

Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface paint is an advanced product formulated as a paint and primer in one. The product is designed for direct application to a host of surfaces, including masonry and plaster, wood and metal, plastic, ceramic and more.

The durable formula and versatility of this paint make it our favourite despite the rather low coverage. In fact, a litre of paint won’t cover more than 9m²/litre, although this is to be expected from a solvent-based product.

Coverage aside, this product is ideal to use in high-traffic areas. It dries to an attractive matt finish that is easy to wipe clean and looks amazing either on a wall or on interior woodwork.

Like any solvent-based paint, the product is toxic and we wouldn’t recommend using it in poorly ventilated spaces. Because of the rather long drying time, it is also essential to follow the application guidelines – especially in regards the ideal working temperature and humidity. It isn’t recommended to apply the product if the temperature is below 10°C and in damp conditions.

In ideal conditions, the paint touch dries in about two hours and can be handled after 8 hours. Recoat after at least 16 hours if needed.


• Thin consistency makes Rust-Oleum paint easy to work with. Apply with a paintbrush or roller, depending on the surface.
• Exceptional coverage power ensures quick results. One coat is usually sufficient to achieve full coverage although the manufacturer advises applying two coats.
• The product is designed for direct application on most surfaces. It only needs priming on non-ferrous or galvanised metals.
• Ideal to use as an undercoat on bare surfaces; dilute with 10% white spirit for this purpose.
• Quick drying formulation allows the handling of the paint after only 8 hours, which is a short time considering the product is solvent-based.
• Supplied in 250ml and 750ml tins, this paint is available in multiple finishes and in 17 colours.


• High concentration of volatile organic compounds makes the paint unsafe to use in enclosed environments unless the space is properly ventilated.
• Brush marks can occur when applying to wood or metal. The paint is sometimes thin and drippy.
• Although matt black is true to its shade, the other colours may dry to shades different than expected.

Rustins black gloss

Water-based gloss paint for interior and exterior use; dries to a tough and durable finish.

Whether you want to paint wood or metal, Rustins Black Gloss is one of the most wallet-friendly solutions available on the market. The gloss finish makes the product ideal for interior woodwork, though the durability and resistance to the elements make the paint suitable for exterior use too.

Supplied in 250ml, 500ml and 1L tins, this high-quality alkyd-based paint is very easy to apply with a brush, roller or sprayer. It requires no undercoat and priming is only necessary on bare surfaces.

Despite its water-based formula, Rustins Black Gloss impresses with a great adherence on surfaces previously painted with solvent-based products. The only surface preparation required is a light sanding and a thorough cleaning of all dust and grease.

Formulated for wood and metal, the product can be used on interior woodwork, doors and window frames, furniture, tables and chairs.

In addition to versatility, the paint is also easy to work with. It has a great consistency; it doesn’t drip and touch dries in only half an hour. One coat is usually sufficient to achieve great results and the second coat, if needed, can be applied after about four hours.


• Water-based paint has a low content of volatile organic compounds. It is safe to use in enclosed spaces and is non-toxic once dried.
• Covering up to 15m²/litre, depending on surface porosity. Priming is unnecessary on previously painted surfaces.
• Gloss finish adds elegance to the home environment and is easy to maintain in high-traffic areas.
• The product is easy to clean off brushes or rollers with only soapy water; while the paint can also be applied with a sprayer.


• Although formulated for exterior use, the product is not waterproof. It is recommended to seal the product if you intend to use it on outdoor surfaces.
• The finish is more of a mid-sheen satin rather than gloss.

dulux black satinwood

Outstanding quality paint dries to a subtle mid-sheen satin finish. It provides an attractive alternative to gloss.

The Quick Dry paint by Dulux is one of the most popular products for interior wood and metal. It comes in three finishes that include eggshell, gloss and satinwood. Of these, satinwood is definitely our favourite. This black paint dries to a subtle mid-sheen that provides a contemporary and more attractive alternative to classic gloss.

Water-based, the paint is environmentally friendly and boasts a low content of VOCs. It is safe to use in enclosed spaces and has a very low odour that doesn’t disturb during application. Once dried, the product is safe for children and pets.

Convenient and pleasant to use, this black paint is also easy to apply with a paintbrush. Although application with a sprayer may work, we wouldn’t recommend it because of the mess it can generate. Sadly, the product can’t be applied with a roller.

In terms of coverage, a litre of paint is sufficient for up to 12m², depending on the porosity of the surface. The self-undercoating formulation improves the covering power and as a result, two coats are usually enough to achieve a full coverage.


• Excellent adherence on surfaces previously painted with solvent-based paint. A light sanding improves adhesion.
• Quick Dry paint touch dries in about two hours and can be recoated after only six hours. It usually takes two coats of paint for full coverage.
• Consistency is on the thinner side, which makes the product easy to apply with a brush without leaving unflattering brush strokes.
• Dulux Quick Dry covers up to 12m²/litre depending on surface porosity. The product is supplied in 750ml tins and 2.5L tubs.


• Due to the quick drying formula, it is recommended to apply the paint on small sections at a time. A large project takes a lot of time to complete.
• The paint flakes and peels quite easily. Make sure the newly painted windows and doors are fully dry before closing them and allow at least 48 hours before touching the paint excessively.

dulux rich black

High-quality interior wall and ceiling paint available in a wide range of colours. Rich Black dries to a contemporary matt finish.

Black paint is one of the latest trends in interior design and one of the best products to consider is Dulux Matt Rich. Rich Black is an excellent choice to create a focal point around the fireplace or to use on a feature wall. The paint is available in other 42 neutral and dramatic shades that can complement all interiors.

Like most Dulux products, the paint boasts a quick drying formula. In fact, the product touch dries in one hour, but it may take three coats or more to get a full coverage. Despite this slight drawback, the product is easy to apply and our tests showed that the covering power improves if the product is applied with an airless sprayer.

A brush or roller are two other tools to consider. Regardless of your choice, the paint has a great viscosity and it doesn’t tend to drip excessively.

What impressed us is the durability of the paint. Once dried, the product needs little to no maintenance and is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. Moreover, the non-reflective matt finish adds a contemporary flair to the interior.


• Smooth and creamy emulsion disguises minor wall imperfections. Adherence is exceptional on previously painted walls but also on bare surfaces.
• Stain resistant paint is ideal to use in high-traffic areas.
• Chromalock technology creates an invisible protective barrier around the colour pigments, protecting the paint from the daily wear and tear.
• Low VOC content makes the product ideal to use in all environments, including the kid’s room. Once dry, the product is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
• Coverage is up to 13m²/litre, depending on the surface porosity and an undercoat is usually not required.


• The paint itself doesn’t disappoint but the packaging is of very poor quality. Many users reported leakage during transit and we also noticed the lid isn’t properly sealed.

HQC Paint

Premium quality paint for interior and exterior walls and ceilings - formulated to provide a thermal barrier.

HQC Anti Damp Paint is an excellent product to use in high-traffic and high-condensation areas. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, the paint is formulated to reduce heat loss and to prevent condensation problems, including the formation of mould.

With a wide number of applications in residential and professional environments, the product comes in 32 colours and is supplied in containers with capacities that vary between 500ml and 10L. This adds to its versatility as it allows the capacity to minimise waste and costs by purchasing the necessary quantity of paint.

A disappointing trait is the coverage; a litre of paint suffices for up to 6m² and it usually takes two coats to achieve full coverage. This can result in a costly solution if you want to paint a whole room. On a positive note, the product also acts as an insulator and it’s well worth the money.

Another characteristic worth mentioning is the texture. The paint isn’t smooth on walls, which isn’t necessarily a drawback, depending on the finish you want to achieve. However, if you’re aiming for a smooth black finish, this may not be the best product for you.


• Ideal to use in high-traffic and high-condensation areas in homes, gyms, spas, swimming pools or restaurants.
• Due to its great consistency, the paint is easy to apply with a paintbrush, roller or sprayer. The product can be used as a conventional emulsion.
• Low content of volatile organic compounds makes the product safe to use in enclosed spaces and in the kid’s room.
• Quick and easy to apply, the product touch dries in two hours and can be recoated in only four hours.


• Both the coverage and the covering power could be improved.