A hallway is one of the most peculiar environments of a house. In most homes, hallways are poorly ventilated due to a lack of windows, the area is prone to the formation of mould and the environment is typically narrow and poorly lit.

These particular circumstances make it hard to identify the right paint for this space. Should you use a generic interior wall paint or a speciality product for high-condensation areas?

While the choice is far from easy, our team has tested and rated some of the most promising paint products on the market. Check our top picks below to find the right paint for your hallway re-decoration.

hallway interior


Our #1 Best Pick

Dulux Diamond Matt

Dulux Trade Diamond Matt

Commercial-grade interior paint ideal for high-traffic areas – hallways included.

Low Cost Option

Leyland Matt Emulsion

Leyland Matt Emulsion

Washable and water-based – an ideal combo for the walls and ceiling of a hallway.

Best Of The Rest

Dulux Matt Value Pack

Versatile interior wall paint – may not be your best bet for a hallway.

Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough

Stain-repellent technology and a wide range of colours make this paint ideal for all environments.

Johnstone’s Trade Acrylic

Eco-friendly acrylic paint to use on walls, ceilings, and a variety of suitably primed surfaces.


Deciding which colour works best in a hallway is tricky. The lack of windows and the use of artificial light can easily change the perception of colour. Another thing to consider is the porosity of the wall, which can also take its toll on colour perception.

A timeless colour to use in your hallway is white, but you have to pay attention to the shade. Pure brilliant white enhances the brightness and adds volume to the space, but an off-white can have the opposite effect.

For a stylish look, paint the ceiling in black or navy. This solution is particularly suitable in a home with high ceilings.

A black feature wall integrated into an all-white environment can also add personality to your space.

Neutral tones, including cream, beige, and light greys give ampleness to a tiny hallway. For a stylish effect, use these colours on the walls and paint the ceiling in brilliant white. Mixing and matching various tonalities of the same hue creates an elegant environment.

For example, use a darker shade on the lower half of the wall and a lighter shade on the upper half, making sure the transition between the colours is smooth. A white ceiling can add the final touch to your stylish hallway.

Dramatic shades look splendid in a traditional home. Dark reds and greens are particularly suitable for the hallway. These colours remind of opulent dwellings decorated with silk wallpaper, but a budget-friendly solution is to use stencils and eggshell paint to create a beautiful pattern on top of the matt emulsion.

Dulux Diamond Matt

Diamond technology guarantees resistance and durability – a versatile solution for most interior environments.

Dulux is synonymous with high-quality and their Trade range includes a selection of commercial-grade paints for interior use. Diamond Matt is one of them and this emulsion is perfect for hallways and stairways.

Ideal for high-traffic areas, the product benefits from stain-repellent technology and forms a protective film on surfaces, which is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

But that’s not the only difference between Dulux Trade Diamond and its residential-grade counterparts. Compared to traditional emulsion, this paint is tougher and provides long-lasting resistance. It is ideal to apply on previously painted walls even without priming and it resists without flaking or cracking for years.

Another thing we like is the application versatility. This product is compatible with a range of application tools, including HVLP sprayers.

Diamond Matt is supplied in 10L tubs and the only real drawback of this product is the limited colour choice. As a ready-mixed emulsion, the product comes in Pure Brilliant White and Magnolia only.


• Superb coverage adds value to this exceptional product. A litre of paint covers up to 16m² depending on the application method and surface porosity.
• Diamond Matt is 10 times tougher than the commercial Dulux Vinyl Silk and Vinyl Matt emulsions.
• Decent drying time delivers fast results. The product touch dries in 2 hours and it can usually be re-coated after only 4 hours.
• Non-drip properties are ensured by an outstanding viscosity. This paint acts as a primer on bare walls if thinned with 10% water.
• Water-based paint is safe to use in poorly ventilated spaces and is particularly suited to hallways.


• Substantial colour changes may adversely affect the covering power. Expect to apply over three coats if the original colour is substantially darker.
• The tinted emulsion ensures colour versatility but the results are often inconsistent.
• Diamond Matt is quite expensive. However, the quality justifies the price and we wholeheartedly recommend this product.

Leyland Matt Emulsion

Flat matt emulsion with ‘scrubbable’ properties – perfect for your hallway and your wallet.

Painting on a budget often means compromising on quality. But this isn’t the case with Leyland. The company has manufactured high-quality paints since 1922 and its range of interior products comprises a low-cost alternative to the costlier Leyland Trade.

Covering up to 13m²/litre and available in 15 neutral and dramatic hues, this emulsion shows impressive qualities in terms of resistance and application ease.

The high-quality durable finish dries to a smooth flat matt which disguises minor surface imperfections. Once dry, the surface is washable and it can be easily maintained.

A feature that surprised us was the fantastic covering power. Like most interior wall emulsions, Leyland Matt can be applied directly on to previously painted walls; tested on a darker shade, our Magnolia emulsion provided a satisfactory result with just three coats.

Bare walls can be primed either with a suitable interior wall primer or with thinned emulsion. As for the colour and consistency, we were happy with the result but the manufacturer recommends to order a tester pot before investing in a large quantity.


• High-value pack delivers a great value for money. Leyland Matt is supplied in 10L tubs.
• Flat matt emulsion disguises minor wall imperfections; the product dries to a contemporary, velvety finish.
• Water-based emulsion is odourless and has a very low content of volatile organic compounds. It is safe to use in all environments.
• Fast drying time allows you to finish the project in a breeze. The paint touch dries in 2 hours and it can be re-coated after five hours in ideal conditions.


• Improper application considerably reduces the adherence of the paint and the product may wash from the walls.

Dulux Value Pack

Chromalock technology preserves the brightness of the colour for a very long time.

Many argue that Dulux Matt is not ideal for a hallway and to a certain extent we agree with this claim. So, why did we include this product in our list? Dulux Matt is a versatile emulsion designed for interior walls and ceilings. It is not washable, therefore it’s hardly intended for a high-traffic area, but it is ideal to use in a well-ventilated hallway, providing satisfactory results.

The main advantage of this paint is its colour versatility. Dulux Matt comes in 80 contemporary shades. Choose from a selection of neutrals or go bold with a dramatic shade – there are plenty of hues to consider.

Drying to a velvety matt finish, the product hides any minor wall imperfections. We also like the consistency, which is creamy and non-drippy.

Like most water-based emulsions, Dulux Matt touch dries in two hours and can be re-coated in roughly four hours. The coverage depends on the surface porosity but in broad terms, expect to cover up to 13m²/litre.

All in all, this interior emulsion may not be our first choice for a hallway but we do recommend it if your space is well ventilated and not exposed to intense traffic.


• Chromalock technology creates a protective film on the surface of the paint, protecting the pigments from discolouration.
• Special value pack delivers a quality product in an affordable formula. Choose from 3L, 5L, 6L or 7L tubs.
• Creamy emulsion is easy to apply with a brush or roller without making a mess.


• Substantial colour changes may take up a lot of product. We recommend priming the surface to improve coverage.
• Non-washable formula is hard to clean. The best you can do is wipe it with a dry cloth.
• Poor quality packaging may leak during transit.

Dulux Easycare

Durable and resistant interior emulsion for high traffic areas.

Another product from Dulux to consider for your hallways is Easycare Washable & Tough. This interior emulsion is 20 times tougher than the standard Dulux Matt described above. Incorporating a stain-repellent technology, Easycare is perfect for a hallway and other high-traffic areas like the kitchen.

Compared to Dulux Matt, Easycare wins in terms of resistance and durability. On the other hand, Dulux Matt is more versatile in terms of colour range. That being said, Easycare does still come in a range of 65 shades, meaning there are still plenty to choose from.

A slight drawback of Easycare is the lower covering power when applied over darker shades. Priming the surface improves coverage, but our top pick Dulux Trade Diamond still performs better.

The drying time is also slightly longer and the product touch dries in approximately four-to-five hours. It usually accepts a second coat after six hours, which is still a great timeframe for redecoration work.

When it comes to consistency, this product is creamy, and it doesn’t drip. However, it is slightly thicker than the other products we’ve tried and harder to apply in an even layer. Nevertheless, Easycare requires little to no maintenance and is an exceptional product for your hallway walls.


• Perfect for multi-functional spaces, Easycare is supplied in 2.5L and 5L tins. A litre covers up to 13m².
• Resistant to wear and tear, the product is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and it repels liquids.
• A contemporary matt finish disguises minor wall imperfections and provides a velvety smooth look.


• Achieving a smooth finish look takes a lot of patience and dexterity. The paint is quite thick and lumpy.
• The paint tends to peel off easily if the surface is not properly prepared and primed before application.

Johnstone's Trade Acrylic

Kid- and pet-friendly paint for residential and commercial high-traffic areas.

Johnstone’s Trade Acrylic is an exceptional paint to use in a wide range of residential and commercial environments, including kitchens and bathrooms, hallways, but also hotels, public buildings and hospitals.

The most impressive feature is the colour range, which exceeds 200 tonalities. Not all shades come as ready mixed emulsions but it’s nice to know they exist. Another thing that impressed us is the ability to use this paint on a wide variety of substrates.

Formulated as an acrylic emulsion for interior use on walls and ceilings, Acrylic Durable Matt is also suitable to use on properly primed woodwork and radiators. Supplied in 5L tubs and covering up to 16m²/litre, this product delivers exceptional value for money.

Tough, durable and washable, this premium quality emulsion is easy to apply with a brush or roller and two coats are usually enough to achieve satisfactory results.


• Ecological emulsion with a low content of volatile organic compounds. Ideal to use in poorly ventilated environments.
• Quick drying time. The product touch dries in two hours and can be re-coated after only four.
• Acrylic Durable Matt has a tough finish and is resistant to condensation, stains and yellowing.


• This paint is quite expensive, although its quality pays off in the long run.