Whether you want to revamp your furniture or an old radiator, a chrome spray paint can help you achieve professional results in a breeze. Perfect for a wealth of interior decoration projects, chrome paint dries to an attractive metallic look that integrates into most interiors.

But finding a quality spray paint can be harder than it seems. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Over the past few years, our expert team has tested and rated some of the most popular chrome spray paints in the UK. Our top picks below have satisfied all our criteria, including colour, coverage and application ease. Check them out.

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Our #1 Best Pick

rustoleum metallic spray

Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray

Our top pick – a quick dry metallic spray paint ideal to use on a range of surfaces.

Low Cost Option

kobra krome

Kobra Krome

Fast drying time, immediate adherence and high covering power – low-cost solution.

Best Of The Rest

151 Multi-Purpose Spray

A multi-purpose spray paint to use on a wide range of surfaces. Particularly suitable for metal and wood.

Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect

Perfect for DIY and artistic projects – a mirror effect spray paint to use on glass, metal and more.

Plasti-Kote Metallic Effect

Brilliant reflective sheen suitable to use on multiple surfaces including wood, metal, glass and ceramic.

rustoleum metallic spray

A classic, smooth metallic finish provides stunning decoration and rust protection on most surfaces.

Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint is a multi-purpose paint perfect to use on a variety of interior surfaces. Drying to a smooth metallic finish, this chrome paint is ideal to use on furniture, wood, metal, plastic and an array of other substrates.

Versatile and adaptable, this spray paint also boasts a quick drying time. A top choice for a range of DIY projects, the product touch dries in an hour and can be re-coated, if needed, after about four hours. Depending on the surface porosity, one coat typically provides full coverage.

Regarding coverage, a litre of paint covers up to 2m² on average; the paint is supplied in 400ml cans and is very easy to use.

Although advertised as an interior paint only, our tests showed that Rust-Oleum Metallic has an exceptional durability on outdoor objects as long as you overcoat the product with a suitable clear topcoat.

We’re not so fond of the solvent-based formulation which is toxic and flammable. With a very high content of VOCs, the product can easily cause dizziness if used inadequately or in poorly ventilated spaces. That being said, this is to be expected from a solvent-based product, therefore we can’t consider this a real drawback.


• Brilliant metallic finish is durable and corrosion-resistant. Painted surfaces can be touched and handled after only 16 hours.
• Water-resistant paint is specially formulated to resist discolouration; this paint won’t turn yellow over time and will maintain a flawless finish for a long time.
• A selection of colours ensures suitability for a wide range of DIY projects. Rust-Oleum Metallic comes in five colours which dry to a brilliant metallic finish.


• Chrome colour is more of a silver; yet, it is still brilliant and metallic. Many users reported they were happy with the result.
• Shininess could be reduced by the surface porosity. On some materials, it is quite difficult to achieve a chrome finish.

kobra krome
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A promising 100% acrylic paint ideal for budget-savvy homeowners.

Kobra Krome comes as an affordable alternative to Rust-Oleum Metallic. Manufactured in Italy, this spray paint is suitable for a wide range of DIY and artistic projects, including graffiti and canvas paintings.

Immediate adherence reduces dripping while a super-fast dry time ensured by the thixotropic formula allows you to finish work in a breeze. Fantastic covering power also ensures quick results with just one coat.

Although 100% acrylic, the product is toxic and extremely flammable, like most spray paints. Using it in enclosed spaces may cause dizziness and drowsiness. To prevent eye and skin irritation, we recommend wearing adequate equipment when using this product.

Nevertheless, Kobra Krome complies with all UK regulations regarding safety.

This acrylic chrome paint is very easy to apply on large surfaces and won’t clog easily thanks to its speciality soft valve.


• Supplied with a Yellow Fat outline cap, this spray paint provides a fast output ideal to cover large surfaces easily.
• Four season technology increases the durability of this paint. Kobra Krome is water and weather resistant.
• Special chrome leafing pigments provide a strong resistance to UVA rays and to other environmental factors.
• Super shiny effect guarantees a true metallic finish on most surfaces. The product is ideal to use on metal, wood, plastic, glass, canvas, and even masonry.
• Acrylic paint has a low VOCs content and is eco-friendly. All pigments involved are lead-free and non-toxic once dried.


• The chrome finish is not guaranteed on all surfaces. Some users complained about the paint drying to a silver colour instead of chrome.
• It is near impossible to paint over this product or to apply decals on top of the painted surface.

151 multi purpose spray
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Non-cracking chrome gloss finish guarantees professional results.

151 is a popular brand of spray paint. Its product range includes the Multi-Purpose spray paint, a product available in 21 attractive colours and high-sheen or low-sheen finishes.

Ideal for interior and exterior applications, their Chrome paint is compatible with a wide range of materials and it’s particularly suitable to use on wood or metal. Sadly, the paint doesn’t have great results on plastic though.

Flaws aside, this product has an excellent coverage and a durable finish that guarantees a professional look for a long time.

With a solvent-based formulation, the 151 Multi-Purpose is toxic and flammable. We recommend using it exclusively in well-ventilated environments, preferably outdoors.


• A tough and fast-drying formulation guarantees quick and long-lasting results. The paint touch dries in an hour, it can be re-coated in four hours and hard dries in 16 hours.
• 151 Multi-Purpose covers up to 2m²/litre. Thanks to a strong covering power, one coat is usually sufficient.
• Excellent adhesion to most dry and grease-free surfaces.


• The colour looks more like semi-gloss aluminium than gloss chrome. Although it looks good, the product is not as described.
• This multi-purpose paint may not dry on incompatible surfaces. It is advisable to check the surface compatibility on a small section before painting the whole area.

rustoleum mirror effect

Any-angle spray ensures a comfortable application on all surfaces.

Another spray paint by Rust-Oleum that made it to our best products list is their Mirror Effect paint. Coming in two attractive colours and boasting an outstanding covering power, this product is ideal for decorative DIY projects and more.

Formulated for indoor use only, the product is particularly suitable for use on glass but it has an unbeatable adherence on metal and other surfaces too.

The mirror effect is easy to achieve by applying very thin coats to the surface until you reach your desired look, allowing the paint to dry for about 5 minutes between the coats.

For best results, apply the paint to clean and dry surfaces only.


• Unique coating is designed to be applied on the reverse side of glass or acrylic glass. It creates a reflective mirror-like finish.
• Any-angle spray guarantees an easy application on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.
• The Mirror Effect covers up to 10m²/litre, which is rather impressive for a spray paint. The product is supplied in 150ml cans.
• Super-fast drying time. The paint touch dries in only five minutes. Wait for at least half an hour before touching excessively.


• The mirror effect is not as reflective as expected; moreover, the paint is reflective only on glass and it often dries patchy.
• Watery consistency makes this spray paint rather drippy.
• Getting the right pressure and sustaining it is a hassle, especially if you have arthritic hands.

plasti-kote metal effect
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Interior chrome spray paint dries to a gorgeous metallic effect.

Plasti-Kote is another popular manufacturer famous for its quality products. And the Metallic Effect paint doesn’t disappoint. Drying to a shiny, reflective finish, this spray paint is perfect for most DIY projects and adheres to a variety of surfaces.

Available in three different colours, the paint boasts a quick-drying formulation and top covering power. The Chrome colour has a gorgeous metallic effect on most surfaces but it can look duller on plastic and terracotta.

A slight drawback is the colour inconsistency. Some users complained about unsatisfactory results despite having followed the instructions to the letter.

Another complaint regards the durability. Despite a thin consistency, the product has an impressive covering power, but it scratches off easily once dried. We’ve noticed that a clear sealer can improve the results, but you’ll have to invest time and money into fixing the issue.


• Superb coverage for a spray paint. Metallic Effect covers up to 4m²/litre or 1.5m²/can.
• This chrome paint touch dries in less than 10 minutes and it fully dries in about half an hour.
• Compatible with a wide range of surfaces, including metal, wood, ceramic and glass.


• The paint is thin and hard to apply without making a mess. It also has a poor resistance to weathering over time.
• Chrome colour may dry to a dull grey on incompatible surfaces. Check the reaction on a small area before painting the whole surface.