Looking to add a sparkly finish to your home interior? Glitter can help. The products on the market come either as ready-to-use emulsions or as additives for your favourite wall paint. But what is the difference between them and which one is best?

Even the most experienced DIYers can get confused by the varied host of products available on the market. That’s why our expert team has tested and rated some of the most popular glitter paints and additives in the UK.

Our top picks include a number of additives but some ready-to-use emulsions that also impressed us. Check out our opinions below and find the right product for your home renovation project.


Our #1 Best Pick


V1rtus Glitter Paint Additive

Our top pick – an additive that adds extra sparkles to all water-based emulsions for walls and ceilings.

Low Cost Option


Polyvine Glitter Glaze

A ready-to-use glitter glaze for budget-savvy homeowners. It comes in four attractive colours.

Best Of The Rest

Hemway Silver Holographic Additive

A low-cost alternative to V1rtus additive produced by the same manufacturer.

Hemway Clear Glitter Glaze

Pre-mixed glitter glaze to use on pre-painted surfaces. Ideal for walls and ceilings.

My Glitter Wall Indoors & Outdoors

Glitter additive for interior and exterior matt and silk emulsion paints.

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A UK-based glitter additive for wall and ceiling emulsions. Adds sparkles to the colour of your choice.

V1rtus is a high-quality glitter paint additive that transforms almost any wall or ceiling emulsion into a sparkling glitter paint. A 100g pouch contains thousands of glitter crystals that enhance either flat, matt, soft-sheen or silk emulsions – allowing you to achieve the look of your dreams.

Unbuffed, a pouch of additive is suitable for up to 1.5L of paint. However, considering the price of a pouch, we recommend mixing the quantity with 2.5L of paint and buffing the wall with buffing pads to unleash your new sparkling effect.

Coming in 25 colours, the product is very easy to use. Just pour the contents of a pouch into the indicated quantity of paint, stir it vigorously, then apply the emulsion to the wall with a smooth roller. We followed these indications and achieved satisfactory results; however, some users suggest that mixing a small quantity of glitter with a small quantity of paint in the roller tray can enhance the end-results.

While we haven’t tried this method, we feel that achieving consistent results in this way is tricky. Apparently though this method works well and you can give it a try if you’re feeling experimental.

Application apart, what we like is the quality of the pigments. Regardless of the colour, the glitter doesn’t bleed in to the chosen paint and is waterproof. The fine crystals will also add sparkles without changing the texture of the paint (provided you’re using the indicated quantity).


• V1rtus is manufactured in the UK and complies with all safety standards and regulations. It is child-safe, non-toxic and easy to use.
• Glitter has a great coverage. One coat of glitter pre-mixed in the paint is enough to get plenty of sparkles.
• The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can ask for a refund if the results are unsatisfactory.
• Mixed with clear glaze, this glitter additive can also be applied to pre-painted walls. This usually enhances the sparkle effect.


• Although compatible with all wall and ceiling emulsions, the glitter doesn’t show off well if mixed with durable finish paints.
• For a coherent application, it is important to stir the paint constantly, which is time-consuming and annoying. However, this goes for all glitter additives.
• The product is expensive and it’s hard to estimate how many pouches are needed to cover a full wall.

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Water-based glitter glaze to use on pre-painted walls and on a variety of different surfaces.

Polyvine Glitter Glaze may be a DIYer’s dream. Supplied in 500ml tins, the product is ready to use on pre-painted walls, wallpaper, furniture and fabric – and the sparkling effect can easily enhance the look of any home environment or revive old, worn-out objects.

Water-based and non-toxic, the glaze is suitable to use in poorly ventilated environments or in your children’s room. Application is easy and straightforward; just stir the glaze and apply it with a smooth roller or wide bristles brush, depending on the surface.

On walls, the product covers up to 8m²/litre and dries to a durable, shimmering finish. On other surfaces, and especially on fabric, the coverage is considerably lower due to the absorbency of the material. The finish can also suffer alterations on surfaces different than walls.

However, this is not a drawback of the product but rather an effect triggered by the characteristics of the material.
In fact, the only thing we’d change is the size of the tin. Half a litre of product may be sufficient for small decoration projects but it’s hardly enough to achieve satisfactory results on a wall.


• Clear glaze is suitable to apply on any background colour. The glitter comes in four different colours to match with the colour of your wall.
• Cleaning the glaze from the roller or brushes is easy with warm soapy water. The product has a low content of volatile organic compounds.
• Touch dry time is only one hour and the product can be re-coated after about four hours if necessary. The glazed surface is washable once the product is fully dry.
• Compared with the other glitter additives and paints on the market, this product comes at an affordable price.


• The glitter is patchy on application and it takes a lot of hard work to get an even coverage.
• It takes several tins of glitter glaze to cover a wall; sadly, the product is supplied in only one size tins.

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Very sparkly glitter additive suitable for up to 1 litre of wall or ceiling paint.

Hemway Silver Holographic Additive is the low-cost alternative to V1rtus, a glitter additive brand belonging to the same manufacturer. The main difference between the products is the price, but also the covering power. In fact, the additive produced under Hemway’s brand has a recommended mix ratio of 100g to 1 litre of paint.

According to the recommended mix ratio, the product doesn’t turn out much cheaper than the V1rtus. However, most users report that the product still provides satisfactory results when the same quantity is mixed with 1.5L of paint. And in this case, Hemway is more affordable, provided that buffing unleashes the desired sparkling effect.

Recommended for use with water-based wall and ceiling emulsions, this additive is compatible with most interior paints. This makes it ideal to use with wall, wood and metal paints for a host of DIY projects.

Versatility aside, the product comes with its share of drawbacks too. One of them is the subtle effect on walls compared with other glitter additives. Buffing can certainly help, but the process is time-consuming. The manufacturer also states that it offers a refund if the product isn’t satisfactory, provided you return the product within 14 days. However, it’s near impossible to return the additive once you’ve mixed it with the paint.

Downsides apart, we did have a positive experience using this additive, although we had to perform additional steps to get the desired result.


• Hemway Glitter Additive is non-toxic and safe to use near children. It mixes with all water-based wall and ceiling emulsions.
• Brilliant, fade-resistant colours don’t leak when applied and don’t bleed in the paint emulsion. The product comes in 33 colours.
• Mix the product with a clear glaze to apply to pre-painted walls. Recommended mix ratio is 50g to 1 litre of clear glaze.


• Like most glitter paints and additives, it is hard to get an even coverage. Apply with a soft roller for the best results.
• Glitter crystals may change the texture of the paint.
• Some colours may not reflect their true shade. However, Silver Holographic provides a great result in most emulsions.

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35 colours and exceptional coverage – two features that define this clear glitter glaze for walls and ceilings.

Hemway Clear Glitter Glaze provides the perfect solution for those who want sparkling walls without the fuss of mixing glitter additives with emulsions. The clear glaze is suitable to use on walls of any colour while you can choose your favourite hue of glitter from 35 available options.

Like all Hemway products, this glaze is manufactured within the UK. It has a water-based formulation and is non-toxic. This makes it suitable to use in the kid’s room; application is easy with a smooth roller or brush although getting an even coverage is tricky.

That being said, we found the manufacturer’s instructions useful. Applying the product in a criss-cross motion reduces any patches, and the glitter gathered in certain areas is also easy to disburse by pressing it hard with the roller or brush.

Coverage is similar to most wall and ceiling emulsions. The number of coats needed to achieve satisfactory results varies depending on your expectations. If the product is stirred well before and during use, two coats are usually enough to get a sophisticated shimmer.

In summary: this product is expensive and unfortunately, the result hardly justifies the price.


• Low odour and low content of volatile organic compounds make the product safe to use in poorly ventilated environments.
• Quick dry time ensures a fast completion of your redecoration project. The product touch dries in about two hours and can be re-coated after four hours.
• The product is supplied in 1L tins, which is enough to cover up to 12m².


• The glitter comes off the walls easily and is unsuitable to use in high-traffic areas. It is recommended to apply a protective topcoat over the glaze.
• Due to a subtle effect, it may take four or more coats to get a very sparkly result. This can add up to a very costly redecoration.
• According to online feedback, returning the product in the case you don’t like it and asking for a refund is a time-consuming and annoying process.

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Thick glitter crystals ideal for those who want to add strong sparkles to the wall.

My Glitter Wall is another additive that impressed us. The product stands out due to the thick glitter crystals that show up on walls better than the thin crystals provided by most manufacturers. Coming in 150g pouches, the additive provided is sufficient for up to 1.5L of paint.

Mixing the product with a smaller quantity of paint enhances the sparkling effect. If desired, you can tone down the shimmer by mixing the additive with a larger quantity of paint.

The glitter flakes are designed to mix with matt and silk emulsions but won’t mix well with speciality paints even if water-based. As such, the product is not quite suitable to use in the bathroom or kitchen. Gloss and eggshell paints also don’t mix well with this glitter.

For a sparkling effect, it may also be necessary to buff the wall when the paint is dry. This step enhances the effect of all glitter products, but it does take more time.

Other than this, the additive is exceptional and we recommend it if you’re aiming for a truly sparkling room.


• Easy to follow instructions make it easy to use the product. We recommend applying it with a smooth roller instead of a brush.
• Glitter crystals come in seven attractive colours to mix with matt and silk emulsion paints.


• The result isn’t exceptional unless you buff the wall. This step is required for most glitter paints and additives but is time-consuming.
• Glitter gets patchy unless you mix the paint constantly during application. Alternatively, add a small quantity of glitter to a small quantity of paint in the roller tray and use it immediately.



• Glitter additives/glaze
• Emulsion paint
• Buffing pads
• Drop cloths
• Painter’s tape


• Smooth roller
• Roller tray


Step 1 – Choose the product
Glitter additives and glitter glazes are designed for the same purpose – to add sparkles to walls and other interior surfaces. The difference is in the way they’re used.

Glitter additives are supplied as glitter crystals to mix with the emulsion of your choice. Some additives can be mixed in all types of paint, others are compatible only with water-based emulsions, while others are incompatible with speciality paints, even if water-based.

Glitter glaze is a clear paint containing glitter crystals. The glaze is intended to be used on pre-painted walls and it usually provides a more sparkly finish than glitter additives.

Choosing one product over the other is often a matter of preference; we prefer glitter additives because they can be mixed with the paint of your choice and are more cost-effective than glaze.

Step 2 – Prepare the surface
Whether you decide to use glitter additives or glaze, we still recommend painting the surface in the desired colour and finish with one or two coats of glitter paint or glaze. Surface preparation is therefore minimal.

Just make sure the surface is clean and seal all surfaces not to be painted with painter’s tape. Don’t forget to protect the floors with a drop cloth.

Step 3 – Apply the glitter
The secret to a successful application of glitter additives or glaze is a vigorous stir of the product before application. Use a smooth roller and apply a thin layer of glitter paint or glaze to the surface with a criss-cross motion.

Keep stirring the product throughout the process to prevent the formation of patches. Leave the first coat to dry before adding another coat if needed.

If the shimmer is weaker than you expected, buffing the wall can unleash more sparkles. Wait for the product to dry, then sand the surface with buffing pads. If the effect is not quite what you expected, apply another coat of glitter product and buff the surface again. Repeat these steps until you get the result you’re looking for.