Ceiling paint products come in a variety of formulations and finishes. From latex, oil-based, matt and sheen products, there are a wealth of paints to choose from. But how can you make sure to choose the best one? And what characteristics should you consider?

A good ceiling paint must have a good viscosity to allow an easy application. Then, evaluate the environment. A living room ceiling paint may not be appropriate in a kitchen or bathroom.

Finding the right ceiling paint is often confusing, but we’re here to help. Our expert team has tested and rated the most popular ceiling paint products in the UK. Our top picks below all performed well in all environments and provided long-lasting results. Check them out!

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Our #1 Best Pick

Zinsser ceiling pro 5 in 1

Zinsser Ceiling Pro 5 In 1

Our #1 pick – a ground-breaking ceiling paint that seals, primes and covers stains and cracks.

Low Cost Option

Leyland contract matt

Leyland Trade Contract Matt

Ten-litre convenience pack brings quality at an affordable price. Two colour choices add versatility.

Best Of The Rest

Polycell Crack-Free Ceilings

Polyfilla technology formulation restores cracks and prevents them from reappearing.

Dulux Trade Diamond Matt

Stain repellent technology keeps paint clean without polishing.

Dulux Matt Paint

Smooth and creamy emulsion for walls and ceilings. 80 colours add up versatility.


The ceiling is usually painted in light colours to visually enlarge the environment, but this isn’t necessarily a rule. While dark shades reduce the perception of space in a room, they are an ideal choice in a house with high ceilings.

Choosing a colour for this surface is a delicate matter. Your preference counts, but only up to a point. Trends pass and tastes change which is why it is important to choose a matching or complementary hue that does justice to the room.

In a small environment, light colours add brightness. But white is not your only option. Cream and beiges or pastel hues of blue, green, yellow, and pink are alternative choices that add a contemporary look to your home décor.

Textured grey and silver add elegance to an environment while golden or sand hues look amazing in a coastal home.

In a generous room, a ceiling painted in a bold colour adds personality. Purple, dark green and even black offer sophistication and opulence. Another great idea is to match the colour of the ceiling with that of the floor. This creates a unity between the surfaces, especially when the walls are painted in a dramatic shade.

Before deciding the colour, also consider the purpose of the environment. The same hue will have a different effect in different spaces. For example, blue is a great choice for a bedroom or bathroom but it wouldn’t compliment a living room or a kitchen. On the contrary, yellow is inspiring in a kitchen or office, but too stimulating for a bedroom.

Zinsser ceiling pro 5 in 1

Ground-breaking paint technology for perfectly finished ceilings.

Zinsser Ceiling Pro is a 5-in-1 ceiling paint that really impressed us with its performance. Formulated to seal and prime the surfaces, the product also covers existent stains and bridges fine cracks, delivering perfect finishes at every use. Ideal for all environments, the product is available in only one colour, but its versatility pays off.

Utilising a ground-breaking technology, this ceiling paint adheres to all surfaces and comes with an integrated biocide that protects the coating against fungal degradation. In other words, mould shouldn’t bother you and the compound prolongs the longevity of the paint.

These advantages combine with the water-based formulation of the product. This paint has a low content of volatile organic compounds and is safe to use in enclosed and poorly ventilated spaces. The low odour makes the product ideal to use in all environments, including the bedroom, while the 1-hour recoat time reduces the overall application time.

Other interesting features are the stain sealer and the non-yellowing finish. This water-based product is easy to apply with a paintbrush, roller or sprayer and it hard dries in only four hours.

Covering up to 10m²/litre, Zinsser Ceiling comes in only one colour. Yet, the exceptional properties of this product and the durability on the walls make it our favourite ceiling paint on the market.


• Five-in-one paint seals, primes, cover stains, bridges small cracks and provides flawless results in all environments.
• The product is suitable to use on a bare or previously painted ceiling. Biocide formula prevents mould and fungal degradation.
• Water-based product is safe to use in enclosed and poorly ventilated environments. The low odour and ultra-low content of volatile organic compounds make the product safe for all rooms.
• Non-yellowing finish lasts for a long time without further intervention. Matt paint dries to a smooth velvety look that covers slight imperfections.
• Fast drying time makes it possible to finish work quickly. The product touch dries in half an hour and accepts a second coat after just one hour.


• The coverage of 10m²/litre is lower than the coverage of other ceiling paints. But the quality pays off.
• This product is available in only one colour: matt white.

Leyland contract matt

High-quality ceiling paint at a convenient price. It dries to a long-lasting matt finish.

Leyland Trade Contract Matt is a high-quality emulsion suitable for ceilings and walls. A thick consistency makes the paint easy to apply either with a paintbrush or with a roller – while the thinned formula is compatible with most paint sprayer brands.

The emulsion paint covers up to 14m²/litre and comes in two colours: traditional white and contemporary magnolia. Both hues blend well in any interior design and both are suitable for use on the ceiling.

Another thing we like is the full-bodied matt finish that covers minor surface imperfections. Ideal for use on bare and previously painted walls, the product adheres better when applied over a primer. Fantastic covering power ensures a satisfactory result with just two coats.

Leyland Trade also comes with a 1-year manufacturer guarantee and it has an exceptional resistance on the ceiling. The washable formula also makes it easy to remove stains and marks if you decide to use it on both walls and ceilings.


• Ideal for new work applications, this wall and ceiling paint adheres well to previously painted surfaces even in the absence of a primer.
• Two colours add versatility. You can choose between traditional white and contemporary magnolia.
• The washable formula dries to a smooth matt finish that covers minor wall imperfections. The product also has a good covering power.
• Convenience pack contains 10 litres of paint and covers up to 140m². Two coats are sufficient to achieve complete coverage.
• A 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee ensures the product’s quality. The paint offers a great value for money.


• This product has a long drying time. The paint touch dries in about 4 hours, depending on temperature and humidity.
• Doesn’t have great coverage when applied on a bare wall or on a darker colour unless painted over a primer.
• The packaging leaves a lot to be desired.

Polycell crack-free ceilings

One coat formulation seals and restore cracked ceilings.

Polycell Crack-Free Ceilings is an easy-to-use ceiling paint formulated to restore cracked ceilings to a good-as-new finish. With a flexible formulation, the emulsion adapts to the surface, filling in small gaps and masking small imperfections for a flawless result.

Available in 2.5 and 5L tubs, the product is easy to apply. One coat is usually enough to achieve a good coverage and the product dries in about 3 hours, depending on the conditions. Incompatible with a paint sprayer, Polycell is easy to apply with a paintbrush or roller.

We like the one coat formula that flexes with the ceiling preventing cracks from reappearing. The smooth, long-lasting result blocks stains and is hard to clean while the product is suitable to apply on bare or previously painted walls.

When it comes to choices, the product comes in only one colour but is available in two finishes. The matt finish is suitable for a wide range of environments from living to sleep areas. For high condensation and high-traffic areas, we feel the silk finish is more appropriate.

With a low content of volatile organic compounds, the paint is also safe to use in enclosed environments, while the low odour makes it appropriate for the bedroom and kid’s room. In terms of coverage, Polycell covers up to 17m²/litre.


• Polyfilla technology formula covers and restores cracked ceilings, preventing the cracks from reappearing.
• Smooth and flexible paint dries to a good-as-new finish and repels stains. Thanks to a good coverage, the product also hides water and smoke stains.
• Two finishes ensure suitability for all areas. A smooth matt finish hides wall imperfection while a silk finish is easier to clean in high traffic or high condensation areas.
• Coming in 2.5 or 5L tubs, the paint covers up to 17m²/litre. It is easy to apply with a roller or paintbrush.


• The product works wonders on fine cracks but recurring cracks will reappear after some time.
• If you’re making a dramatic colour change, it could take more than one coat to achieve a brilliant white result.
• The product is available in only one colour and it cannot be tinted.

Dulux Diamond Matt

Wall and ceiling paint ideal for high-traffic areas.

Dulux Trade Diamond Matt is one of the most popular commercial interior paints. Formulated for walls and ceilings, this product comes in two colours and covers up to 16m²/litre. Available in 10L tubs, the water-based emulsion delivers great value for money.

The Diamond Matt formula encloses a stain repellent technology that is easy to wipe clean time after time without polishing up. This makes the emulsion perfectly suitable for high-traffic areas such as hallways and stairways, but also for the kid’s room.

Ten times tougher than the commercial Dulux formulations Vinyl Silk and Vinyl Matt, this paint is durable and resistant. Ideal to apply without a primer on previously painted walls, the product adheres well and resists for years without flaking or peeling.

Ready to re-coat after four to six hours, Dulux Diamond is easy to apply with a paintbrush or roller. The thinned product is even compatible with airless and HVLP sprays, and the excellent viscosity allows a clean, non-drip application on the ceiling. A primer is not always needed, but the paint adheres better to a primed bare surface.

On new plaster, it is recommended to apply a thinned coat and top up with two coats of paint straight from the tub. The product also has a better coverage over a primed surface if the base colour is substantially darker.


• Washable emulsion is ideal for high-traffic areas. The product is suitable to apply on walls and ceilings. Stain-repellent formulation is easy to wipe clean.
• Affordable paint comes in 10L tubs and covers up to 16m²/litre. Priming is unnecessary on previously painted surfaces.
• The product is easy to apply with a range of tools, including paint sprays.
• A low content of volatile organic compounds and a low odour make the paint ideal to use in enclosed environments.
• Diamond technology is ten times tougher than Dulux Vinyl range. The matt finish hides wall imperfections for a flawless look.


• Dulux Trade Diamond Matt comes in only two colours. Colour mixing is an option although results may be inconsistent.
• Substantial colour changes could require more than two coats of paint.

Dulux matt

A versatile wall and ceiling paint available in a wide range of colours.

If you’re aiming for versatility, Dulux Matt Paint could be your favourite ally. Coming in a wide range of neutral and dramatic colours, this product is formulated for walls and ceilings, it’s easy to apply with a range of tools and dries to a velvety matt finish that hides minor wall imperfections.

Harder to clean than other ceiling paints yet adaptable to the needs of any space, this creamy emulsion dries in two hours and can be recoated after only four hours, depending on temperature and humidity.

The bright colours are easy to mix and match and all of them dry to a modern flat finish. Contemporary shades complement the interior and most hues are ideal to use on a ceiling. Chromalock technology also keeps the colours brighter for longer by creating an invisible protective barrier.

We like the vast choice when it comes to choosing the quantity. Dulux Matt comes in 3L, 5L, 6L, and 7L tubs, offering the ability to buy the necessary quantity. In broad terms, the product covers up to 13m²/litre, and it usually takes two coats for full coverage. In cases requiring substantial colour changes, more than two coats may be required.


• Wide colour range adds versatility and gives the possibility to personalise the colour of the ceiling in any desired shade.
• The creamy emulsion is easy to apply on ceilings with a roller or paintbrush. The product dries to a smooth, flat finish.
• Chromalock technology protects the colour from fading by creating an invisible protective barrier between the pigments and the environment.
• Formulated for walls and ceilings, the product is suitable to use in all interior environments.
• Good coverage minimises waste. The paint comes in 3L to 7L tubs and covers up to 13m²/litre.


• The non-washable formula is hard to clean. We wouldn’t recommend using this paint in high-traffic areas.
• Plastic paint tub can be easily damaged during delivery.
• It takes more than two coats to cover a darker colour even when the surface has been primed.



  • Ceiling paint
  • Primer
  • Sandpaper
  • Caulk
  • Masking tape
  • Drop cloths


  • Paintbrushes
  • Roller
  • Roller tray
  • Roller extension pole
  • Putty knife
  • Stepladder


Step 1 – Prepare the room
The first step for painting a ceiling is to prepare the room and surface to be painted. Remove all hanging ornaments and accessories, including curtains and ceiling lamps. Bring the furniture to the centre of the room and cover it with plastic drop cloths. Lay fabric drop cloths on the floor.

Cover all surfaces not to be painted with masking tape, then check the ceiling for cracks and damages.

Remove any flaking or peeling paint and repair all damages, then remove all grease, stains, and dust.

Step 2 – Prime the surface
New or bare ceilings must be primed before applying the paint, to help improve the product’s adherence and durability.

Use a primer as instructed by the manufacturer or prime with a thinned layer of ceiling paint. Leave the product to dry for at least 24 hours before proceeding with the work.

Step 3 – Paint the ceiling
The easiest way to paint a ceiling is to start with the corners and edges. Paint all corners with an angled paintbrush, then use a flat brush to paint all edges along the walls.

Once you’ve finished this step, switch to a roller and paint the remaining area. We wouldn’t recommend carrying out this operation with a paint sprayer. When the whole surface is covered with a levelled layer of paint, leave it to dry as instructed.

When the paint is dry, proceed with a second coat if necessary. Remove the masking tape, then leave the ceiling to dry completely before placing the ceiling lamp and accessories back in their original positions.