When thinking of interior decoration, most homeowners think of painting walls and woodwork, but stairs deserve the same attention. A product applied with precision and of a colour that complements the rest of your space adds character and charisma to your home.

The only problem that is the choice of an appropriate paint. Slip-resistance is perhaps the most important quality of a good paint for stairs, but there are many other aspects to consider.

To help you in your quest, our expert team has tested and rated the best stair paint products in the UK. Check out our top picks below.

woman walking on stiars


Our #1 Best Pick

Blackfriar anti-slip

Blackfriar Anti-Slip Floor

High quality paint with slip resistance and durability – just two of our top pick’s qualities.

Low Cost Option

johnstones for doorsteps

Johnstone’s For Doorsteps

Protective and weather-resistant doorsteps paint comes at an affordable price.

Best Of The Rest

Trade Paints – Floorboard Paint

Versatile floor paint suitable for the stairs too.

Rustins Quick Dry Step & Tile

Affordable stair paint perfect for a wide range of applications.

Ronseal Diamond Hard Doorstep Paint

Hardwearing exterior paint for doorsteps and stairs.

Blackfriar anti-slip

Exceptional high opacity floor paint – ideal for interior and exterior stairs.

Anti-Slip Floor Paint from Blackfriar is our favourite paint product for stairs and it has impressed us with its unparalleled qualities. In terms of performance, this paint really stands out with its aggregated finish developed to provide full anti-slip resistance.

Formulated to withstand heavy footfall, the product finds its home in either domestic or commercial environments; especially in industrial settings.

This solvent-based product is dependable and resilient both indoors and outdoors. Use it to revive your interior stairs or to add some anti-slip properties to your main entry steps. Leftover product can revive the slates in your backyard or even your home workshop floor.

The easiest way to apply this product is with a paintbrush or roller, but don’t expect the operation to be easy. That being said, the effort is well worth it. The finished result has a huge aesthetic impact that will surely turn heads.

Blackfriar Anti-Slip Floor Paint is compatible with a variety of surfaces including concrete, stone, cement, wood and metal, and it comes in 6 contemporary colours.


• The top-notch formulation is comprised of special aggregates that provide an outstanding slip resistance.
• Impactful aesthetics: Blackfriar Anti-Slip Floor Paint dries to an attractive, ultra-matt finish that is tough and durable.
• Formulated for indoor and outdoor use, the paint withstands foot and light traffic and is ideal for domestic and industrial floors and stairs.
• Outstanding coverage of up to 10m²/litre. The product is supplied in 1L tins.
• Quick drying time for a solvent based product. This paint touch dries in 6 hours and can be re-coated after approximately 16 hours.
• The heavy-duty film resists oil, grease and weak acid or alkali solutions.


• Solvent-based paint is toxic, unsuitable to use in enclosed spaces and hard to clean from brushes.
• Hard to apply due to its viscosity.

johnstones for doorsteps

Medium-duty paint ideal for pavements, tiles and doorsteps.

Homeowners looking for an affordable paint product for their stairs and doorsteps should look no further. Johnstone’s Paint for Doorsteps is an economic yet high-quality paint perfect to use on a wide range of exterior surfaces.

The most important feature of this product is its weather resistant formula. Tough and durable, the paint resists medium foot traffic and is perfect to use for domestic purposes.

A slight drawback is the lack of versatility with regards the range of colours. There isn’t too much of a choice as the paint only comes in matt red. However, you can still use it on brick, slates, stone and even unglazed tiles.

In terms of durability, the product boasts a hardwearing formulation designed to resist daily wear and tear, adverse weather and outdoor elements. Covering up to 10m²/litre and providing satisfactory results with just one coat, this is undoubtedly a superb paint to consider for your project.


• Non-drip formulation makes the paint easy to apply with a paintbrush or roller without worrying about mess.
• Compatible with previously painted surfaces and primed bare surfaces. Thinned paint also serves as an undercoat.
• Compatible with a wide variety of substrates including masonry and brickwork.
• Guaranteed to last for years without chipping or flaking.


• The toxic solvent-based formula is harmful to humans and the environment.

trade paints

A multi-purpose paint for floors and stairs that stands out due to an impressive selection of colours and finishes.

If you’re looking for multi-surface versatility and want to paint more than just your stairs, Floorboard Paint by Trade Paints could be an excellent choice. This high-quality product is suitable for wooden floorboards and stairs and is widely used in commercial settings.

The product is perfect for all interior areas, including the bedroom and loft spaces. It comes in an impressive selection of colours with low-, mid-, and high-sheen finishes.

A great choice if you want to give a new lease of life to your stairs, Floorboard Paint is easy to apply with a brush or roller and comes supplied in tins of capacities varying from 250ml to 5L.

Like most floor and stair paints, this product is solvent-based, hardwearing, tough and durable.


• Decorative urethane floor and stairs paint boasts abrasion-resistant properties, is tough and durable.
• 100 colours and three possible finishes add versatility. You’ll be able to paint your stairs in any style you like.
• Superb coverage for a solvent-based product. Floorboard Paint covers up to 13m²/litre and delivers satisfactory results with just one coat.
• Fast drying time allows you to finish your work quickly. The product touch dries in approximately 4 hours and can be repainted after 16 hours.


• This product is expensive.

rustins step & tile

An inexpensive step and tile paint for interior and exterior surfaces.

Rustins Quick Dry Step & Tile may not stand out in terms of colour versatility but it certainly shines in terms of convenience. This product is perfect for stairs and for a range of different environments. Compatible with a variety of substrates including tiled pavements and masonry, the product can even be used on exterior doorsteps.

Resistance is ensured by a hardwearing formula developed to withstand harsh weather environments and medium-duty foot traffic.

A superior covering power and outstanding opacity are just two of the product’s defining features. Opacity, however, doesn’t mean matt.

Perfect for all environments, this product dries to an elegant glazed finish which, though stylish, isn’t the most exceptional in terms of anti-slip properties.

Nonetheless, we would recommend this paint for indoor stairs. Coming in two versatile colours which closely mimic the shades and finish of traditional pavements and stair tiles, this is a product to consider if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg but still want a reliable paint for your stairs.


• Superb coverage of up to 14m²/litre and a superior covering power ensure a perfect balance between value and money.
• Two colour choices and a selection of packages add versatility. Thanks to the 250ml, 500ml and 1L varieties, you’ll be able to invest in just the right quantity for your project.
• Step & Tile is developed for interior and exterior use and is compatible with a range of substrates, including stone, masonry and brick.
• High-opacity pigments dry to a hardwearing film that withstands constant footfall. The product is easy to apply with a paintbrush or roller.
• Water-based formulation is safe to use indoors and boasts a quick drying time. It can be re-coated after approximately 4 hours.
• Exceptional adherence on surfaces previously painted with solvent-based products.


• Step & Tile chips easily under heavy footfall. Reserve this product for the less trafficked areas of your home.

ronseal diamond hard doorstep paint

Anti-slip finish and quick-drying properties - two essential features of an outstanding stair paint.

Developed for exterior use, Ronseal Diamond Hard is a superb doorstep paint that can easily compete with the Step & Tile product above. It has a hardwearing formula that withstands scuffing and scratching while its anti-slip properties make the product perfect for its intended use.

As well as its anti-slip properties, this product also boasts a quick-drying formula. You’ll be able to step on your newly painted stairs after only 6 hours provided that one coat is enough – or in 12 hours if your surface requires two coats.

We also like the water-based formula. As you might expect, the water-based paint is weaker than a solvent-based product, but it’s eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Compatible with a wide range of substrates, Diamond Hard can be applied to stone, concrete or brickwork and self-primes itself on either previously painted or bare surfaces.

Although its not the most weather resistant product, the paint withstands adverse weather well and can embellish your outdoor stairs in the years to come.


• Diamond Hard is supplied in 250ml and 750ml tins and covers up to 12m²/litre.
• Perfect for domestic use. It has an anti-slip finish and it improves stability even when the surface is wet.
• Diamond Hard Technology improves the product’s durability over time.
• Water-based formula is easy to clean from brushes and is very easy to apply with a brush or roller.
• Satin finish provides a higher level of protection to the substrate and dries to an elegant sheen.


• Despite the ‘Diamond Hard’ claim, the product is sometimes affected by weather – especially by rain.
• Only two colour options: the paint is either black or red.