A reflection of our personality and one of the most private environments in a home, the bedroom is intended as a place of rest and contemplation. That’s why the paints and colours selected to decorate this space should refresh and revitalise our body and mind.

But things are more complicated than choosing a colour palette. Bedroom paint must have low odour and low toxicity. The finish is also important.

In a maze of products and colours, we’ve done the hard work for you. Our experts have identified, tested and rated the most frequently used bedroom paints in the UK. Check out our top picks below.

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Our #1 Best Pick

Dulux Washable

Dulux Easycare Washable Matt Paint

Our top pick – it comes in 65 colours that won’t fade away.

Low Cost Option

Johnstone's One Coat

Johnstone’s Onecoat Matt Emulsion

Economical but high quality, the product impresses with an exceptional grip.

Best Of The Rest

Johnstone’s ‘No Ordinary Paint’ Vinyl Emulsion

Ideal for high-traffic areas. The product boasts a sheen finish and is easy to clean.

Dulux Vinyl Matt

A high-quality matt paint for low-traffic areas. Chromalock technology prevents colour fading.

Hemway Glow In The Dark Glaze

Stunning glow-in-the-dark effect ideal for the master bedroom or nursery.


Colours are an essential element in the bedroom design. Chromatic harmony is key to a restful sleep but with each hue producing different sensations and perceptions, it’s also important to use soothing shades.

Many bedroom colour schemes include shades of blue, often paired with natural wood furniture and accessories. Refreshing and welcoming, blue gives its best in a coastal-inspired or Mediterranean style interior.

A range of grey tonalities enhanced by mustard yellow provides an ever-elegant bedroom colour palette. This combination transforms the space into a stylish relaxing environment while the coldness of greys is offset by yellow’s energy.

Lilac is a traditional choice and pairs best with blue and cream. A bluish purple is a more inspired choice in a contemporary context, and this contemplative shade is easy to match with earthy tones like sand, beige, and ivory.

Elegant and timeless is a combination of black, stone and grey. This winning composition gives a natural chic look to a bedroom, and it’s easy to bring dynamism to the space with bedding and accessories.

A recurrent bedroom colour combination is blue and yellow, but you don’t have to stick to the traditional shades. Turquoise and mustard yellow is a beautiful example of a revamped colour palette. Reflective turquoise is revitalised by the freshness of mustard yellow. Mix in some greyish-blue to achieve a greater chromatic balance.

Dulux Washable

A durable and stain-repellent paint formulated to last in time.

With a formulation 20 times tougher than standard Dulux Matt paint, Easycare Washable stands out thanks to its distinctive stain repellent technology. Easy to apply and maintain, this product is made to last for years. Colour brightness won’t fade in time and of all the paints we’ve tested, this is our favourite.

Coming in a colour range suitable for all environments of a home, the paint boasts a thick and creamy consistency that adheres perfectly to the wall. Using a primer is recommended on bare walls or when the product is applied over a darker shade. However, if the wall is in good condition and the colour difference is not substantial, the product provides an excellent coverage and durability even on non-primed surfaces.

Coverage is exceptional and depending on the surface porosity and wall conditions, a tin of paint can cover up to 65m². The drying time is only four hours and two coats of paint are enough to achieve a flawless result.

We also like the matt finish of the paint that hides surface imperfections and covers small cracks. As a water-based product, the paint is easy to thin if needed and has a low number of volatile organic compounds. Safe to work with in poorly ventilated spaces, the product also has minimal odour which makes it a great choice for a bedroom or children’s room.

The only thing we didn’t like is the stickiness of the product. Because of its creamy consistency, cleaning it from brushes is a hassle.


• Stain repellent technology repels liquid spills, making it easier to wipe the wall clean with a damp cloth. Twenty times tougher than standard Dulux Matt, the product resists wear and tear.
• Four hours drying time makes it easy to finish the paint job quickly. If working in less than ideal conditions, allow the paint to dry sufficiently before applying a second coat.
• Two coats are enough to achieve satisfactory results and one litre of paint can cover up to 13m².
• Coming in 65 colours, the product is ideal to use in almost all environments of a house, including high-traffic areas like hallways and stairways.
• Matt finish covers wall imperfections in a velvety smooth look.


• Thick paint is hard to clean off the paint brush and rollers. On a positive note, the paint is water based and soapy water is sufficient to remove all paint residues, albeit the process is fairly time-consuming.
• It may take up to three or four coats of paint to cover darker colours.

Johnstone's One Coat

Our budget-friendly alternative – low coverage is counterbalanced by exceptional adherence.

Johnstone’s Onecoat Matt Emulsion promises a superb covering power on all interior walls. And the product does what it says it does. Coming at an excellent price, this emulsion paint boasts a premium quality and a quick drying formulation that helps finish work in a breeze.

Water-based paint has a low odour and is ideal to use in a bedroom. The product is also available in a broad range of colours that dry to a smooth matt finish. Covering wall imperfections and adhering well to previously painted surfaces, the product is tough and easy to clean.

Johnstone’s advanced formula with an improved viscosity provides a flawless covering of bare walls and slightly darker colours without the need of a second coat. But paint thickness comes with drawbacks too. High viscosity is synonymous with a lower coverage. However, considering that coverage is 8m²/litre and a second coat is often unnecessary, the product is still a bargain.

The thickness can make the paint frustrating to work with. To avoid paintbrush marks, we recommend applying the product with a quality roller.

The product is easy to clean up from brushes and rollers with warm soapy water. Lukewarm running water and a paintbrush comb should also do the trick.


• Premium quality emulsion paint provides a perfect coverage on all surfaces with only one coat. The product touch dries in about two hours.
• Low odour and low content of volatile organic compounds make the product ideal to use in bedrooms and kids rooms.
• Matt finish disguises wall imperfections and uneven surfaces. The product is also easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.
• Suitable for interior walls and ceilings, the paint impresses with its consistency that doesn’t drip or run off the walls.
• Finding the perfect bedroom colour from a range of brilliant contemporary hues is easy.


• Viscous paint has a low coverage of only 8m²/litre.
• Two coats are necessary when making substantial colour changes from dark to light hues.
• Due to viscosity, the product is hard to apply without leaving unflattering brush marks.

Johnstone's Silk Emulsion

Sheen finish with light reflecting properties makes the product ideal for high traffic areas.

Johnstone’s ‘No Ordinary Paint’ is a great bedroom paint with a light reflecting high sheen finish. The product is easy to wipe clean and needs little maintenance either on walls or on the ceilings. The silky smooth finish is scrub-resistant, making the paint an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.

This water-based paint has a low content of volatile organic compounds and a low odour. It is suitable for walls and ceilings and comes in a range of contemporary colours. The vinyl emulsion is easy to apply with a paintbrush or roller, and the product is compatible for use with some paint sprayers.

Covering up to 12m²/litre, the product boasts an excellent price/quality ratio. Two coats are usually enough to achieve a satisfactory result even when applied to bare walls. However, substantial colour changes could require more coats.

Touch dry within two or fewer hours, the product accepts a second coat after about four hours when working in ideal environmental conditions. For the best results, we recommend applying a primer before applying the paint and avoid painting in extreme temperatures or humid conditions.


• Manufactured in the UK, Johnstone’s ‘No Ordinary Paint’ delivers premium quality in an easy-to-use vinyl emulsion for interior ceilings and walls.
• Coming in a wide range of colours, the product dries to a smooth sheen finish with light reflecting properties.
• The paint is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and is ideal for high-traffic areas, but also for bedrooms and nurseries.
• Covering 12m²/litre and drying in about two hours, this silk paint boasts an exceptional price/quality ratio. The product comes in 2.5L or 5L tins.
• Easy to clean up from brushes and rollers with soapy water or warm running water.


• Sheen finish highlights wall imperfections and could provide unflattering results on uneven walls.
• Three or more coats are often required when making a substantial colour change.

Dulux Matt Paint

Chromalock technology ensures long-lasting results.

Less resistant than our top choice, Dulux Vinyl Matt is still an exceptional product. Our favourite feature is the Chromalock technology that bonds the colour molecules as the paint dries, guaranteeing a longer lasting finish.

The main difference between this product and the Easycare formulation is the cleaning ease. While Vinyl Matt can be wiped clean with a dry cloth, this product is not washable. As a result, dealing with stubborn stains requires a new coat of paint.

Considering that a bedroom is not a high-traffic area, this is a minor drawback. Drying to a smooth matt finish, this creamy emulsion adheres flawlessly to the wall, disguising surface imperfections. With a low odour and low content of volatile organic compounds, the product is safe to use in low ventilated environments.

Adhering well to most surfaces, the paint may not need a primer if applied over previous paint. However, a plaster sealer improves paint coverage and results if the paint is applied on a bare, absorbent or very porous wall.


• Unique creamy texture improves paint’s coverage. The product covers up to 13m²/litre, depending on circumstances.
• Chromalock technology enhances the colour intensity and prevents fading. The walls will look fresh for longer.
• Low odour and low content of VOCs makes the product suitable to use in poorly ventilated spaces. The paint is ideal for the bedroom.
• On bare walls, it’s possible to seal the surface directly with the Vinyl Paint thinned 10% with water. On a sealed surface it takes two coats of paint to achieve satisfactory results.


• The product is not washable and can only be wiped clean with a dry cloth.
• Substantial colour changes may require three or even four coats of paint. More paint may also be needed when painting a new or bare wall.

Hemway Clear Glow Glaze
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Glow-in-the-dark paint for feature walls or kids’ rooms.

Glow in the Dark is an innovative bedroom paint formulated to be applied on pre-painted walls. This non-toxic product comes in a clear formulation that provides a stunning finish on all wall colours. One coat is sufficient and the product fully dries in only four hours.

What makes Hemway’s glaze different from similar products is the special formulation that can be painted over. This gives peace of mind, knowing it’s possible to alter or update the style of the room whenever you want.

Often used to decorate kids rooms, this specialised product is also ideal to create a ravishing feature wall in the master bedroom. The product is easy to apply with a paintbrush or roller and viscosity allows creating imaginative scenes or patterns.

Covering 13m²/litre, the paint works on a variety of interior wall emulsions and is designed and produced within the UK. Hemway’s backs up the product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and despite the costly price, this is a product to try.


• Glow In The Dark Glaze is a clear emulsion formulated to be applied on pre-painted walls. Once dried, the product emits a soft, relaxing glow in the dark.
• The product is easy to apply but for the best results, it is recommended to use a paint roller.
• Non-toxic paint is safe to use in the bedroom and in the children’s room. The product dries in four hours.
• Special powder formulation allows painting over the glaze. Changing style or altering the glowing décor is easy.


• Coming in 1L tins, this product is expensive. The stunning finish is worth it though.
• This glaze is available in only one colour and emits a neon-green glow in the dark.



• Interior wall paint
• Plaster sealer
• Painter’s tape
• Caulk
• Sandpaper


• Paint roller
• Roller tray
• Paintbrushes
• Drop cloths
• Putty knife
• Stepladder
• Sponge


Step 1 – Prepare the environment
Regardless of what paint and colour you have chosen for this intimate space, you must prepare the room for the job before redecorating. Start by removing all hanging decorations, small furniture and wall socket/light switch covers.

Move large furniture like the bed and wardrobe in the middle of the room and cover them with plastic drop cloths. Cover the floor with fabric drop cloths, paying attention to cover all interested areas. Apply painter’s tape to all areas not to be painted, including door and window frames.

Step 2 – Prepare the wall
Surface preparation may only involve cleaning the wall if the previous paint is in good condition. Interior paint emulsions available commercially won’t adhere to dusty, greasy, or oily surfaces, therefore it’s essential to wash the walls with degreaser.

Allow them to dry completely before applying the paint. If the previous paint is in a bad condition, if you’re painting a bare or new wall, or if you’re making a substantial colour change, surface preparation must also include priming.

Remove any flaking paint with a putty knife and fill in all holes and cracks with caulk. Let the product dry and level the surface with sandpaper. Clean the wall with a damp cloth to remove all dust and debris, then wash the surface with degreaser. Let it dry properly.

Once dry, apply a plaster sealer or another suitable primer. This product reduces wall porosity and improves paint adherence.

Cure primer as instructed on the product’s package. We recommend leaving it to dry for at least 24 hours before painting the walls.

Step 3 – Paint the bedroom
The easiest way to paint your bedroom walls is by starting with the edges. Use an angled trim brush to paint all edges of the surface, then switch to a sponge roller to paint the rest of the wall.

Use the “W” technique, drawing large “W” shapes on the wall’s surface, then cover the gaps.
Leave the paint to dry as instructed, then follow the same steps to apply a second coat. Remove painter’s tape and leave the paint to cure for at least 24 hours before touching the walls.