The time has long gone when all homes use only carpeted floors. Modern homes require all-around minimalism – floors included. However, homeowners are often reluctant to install hard floors because once they’re damaged, replacing them will cost a fortune.

But who said you have to replace worn out floors? Many paints for wood floors can help give a new lease of life to your expensive timber flooring.

Since only the best products live up to their expectations, our expert team has tested and rated some of the most popular products on today’s market. Check out our top picks below.

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Our #1 Best Pick

ronseal diamond hard

Ronseal Diamond Hard

Hardwearing floor paint boasts Diamond Hard technology.

Low Cost Option

blackfriar polyurethane

Blackfriar Polyurethane

Superb low-cost paint for interior and exterior flooring.

Best Of The Rest

Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Floor Paint

Light-duty interior floor paint ideal for your living and sleeping areas.

Dulux Retail Floor Paint

Reliable floor paint for low-traffic areas.

Blackfriar Anti-Slip Floor Paint

Super-resistant floor paint developed for industrial and domestic use.

ronseal diamond hard

Outstanding floor paint for wood, concrete and stone floors – developed to withstand the test of time.

Ronseal’s Diamond Hard technology is praised by experts and homeowners alike. The products in this range are known for their performance and Hard Floor Paint won’t let you down.

This floor paint is scuff and scratch resistant thanks to the hardwearing capabilities of the product. Is not designed for industrial traffic yet it’s perfect for the homeowner who wants to give a new lease of life to the worn-out parquet in their home.

Compatible with an array of substrates, Ronseal Diamond delivers ultimate colour protection to your interior. It adheres to wood, concrete and stone, and some homewowners have even reported satisfactory results on previously treated laminate and MDF surfaces.

One nice thing about this product is its water-based formula which is safe to use in residential settings. Whether you have pets or a crawling toddler, this paint won’t pose a hazard to their safety.

Unlike what you might have thought, the water-based formulation doesn’t compromise on durability. But it might need more coats than stated to achieve satisfactory results.


• High-end floor paint provides ultimate colour and protection to your interior wood floors thanks to the embedded Diamond Hard technology.
• Water-based formula boasts an unexpected hardness and scratch resistance. The product resists over time and it doesn’t flake.
• The robust film is alcohol, bleach and chip resistant. Moreover, the paint provides an anti-slip surface.
• Generous coverage of 12m²/litre allows you to finish your work in a breeze. Two coats are needed and a third could be necessary.
• Super-quick drying time adds versatility. The product touch dries in 30 minutes and can be re-coated in only two hours.
• Colour range includes 4 contemporary shades which dry to a stylish satin finish.


• Achieving a quality result may require an abundant quantity of paint.

blackfriar polyurethane

Industrial-grade floor paint available at a competitive price.

Blackfriar Polyurethane Floor Paint is an exceptional product developed for heavy-duty environments but comes at a more than affordable price. This product is specially formulated to protect floors via a polyurethane film which is attractive and hardwearing.

Suitable to use on various materials including wood, brickwork, cement and concrete, the product withstands foot and light traffic areas.

Its suitability for either indoor or outdoor applications adds versatility. A coverage of up to 14m²/litre also ensures that a small quantity goes a long way.

What we like less is the dry time and formulation. The product is solvent-based and it requires you to leave at least 16 hours between coats.


• Polyurethane floor paint is designed to protect and transform wood, concrete or stone floors either indoors or outdoors.
• Tough and durable formula resists oil and grease stains. The product is ideal to use in a home workshop.
• Very easy to clean, the paint dries to a beautiful semi-gloss finish and comes in 7 attractive colours.


• The product is toxic and you’ll have to wait for at least 16 hours between coats.

rust-oleum chalky floor paint

An attractive finish half-way between traditional and modern.

Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Floor Paint is a great product designed for light-duty use. It wouldn’t look out of place on your workshop floor but it probably isn’t suitable to use in a bathroom or kitchen.

This classic low-sheen product is ideal for interior wood and concrete floorings that aren’t subject to heavy wear and tear. The chalk finish adds a shabby chic note to your home while the hardwearing formulation ensures the paintwork’s longevity.

What makes this product different than the others in its range is the highly concentrated formulation which delivers an exceptional covering power. A great adherence also allows applying the paint over previously painted or varnished surfaces.

The long-lasting durability of this paint is unmatched by all other floor chalk paints. Undoubtedly, this is a product to consider if you like the delicacy of classic decors.


• Ultra-matt finish integrates seamlessly with all interior styles. The paint comes in three contemporary colours.
• Water-based product has virtually no odour and is safe to use in all environments.
• Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish is supplied in 2.5L tins and covers up to 14m²/litre. One coat provides excellent coverage but we recommend double coating.
• Quick dry time allows you to finish your project in a breeze. The product touch dries in one hour and can be re-coated after 4 hours.


• Water may wash off the floor paint, meaning the product is not suitable to use in bathrooms and kitchens.
• Incompatible with surfaces other than wood and concrete.

dulux floor paint

Highly durable floor paint can be applied directly to laminate.

As with anything Dulux, this Retail Floor Paint is a dependable product that boasts an outstanding quality. Definitely not the strongest floor paint out there, Retail was developed for light-duty use in low-traffic areas.

It’s perfect for your living room and bedroom, it could withstand the harsher environment of a kitchen, but it isn’t a suitable product to use with your bathroom or outdoor areas.

Nevertheless, this is a strong and resistant product to consider if you’re after colour versatility. Addressing contemporary needs, the paint comes in 9 attractive shades that dry to a lovely satin finish.

The paint is compatible with most common floor materials, including hardwood, laminate and concrete.


• Decent coverage up to 8m²/litre. The product is supplied in 750ml tins.
• It provides a durable, scratch-resistant surface that resists prolonged use. However, the product is unsuitable to use in high-traffic and high-condensation areas.
• Very easy to apply with a brush or roller. The paint needs two coats which can be applied within a proximity of three hours.


• Not as resistant as advertised, despite its diamond-enriched formula.

Blackfriar anti slip floor

Anti-slip floor paint brings indoors and outdoors versatility.

Blackfriar Anti-Slip Floor Paint is another product that impressed us with its qualities. This floor paint can be used in any area of your home and provides a reliable anti-slip resistance due to its aggregated finish.

Available in 6 colours and covering up to 10m²/litre, Anti-Slip floor paint is ideal to use in any slip-prone areas including bathrooms and kitchens, stairs and patios.

This floor paint is compatible with a wide range of substrates and can be applied to bare or previously painted surfaces. Regarding application, the two recommended methods are either a brush or a roller. The product is just too viscous to use with a sprayer.

One thing we liked is the huge aesthetic impact of the finished result. Although more expensive than other paints in its class, Blackfriar looks exceptional and it can seamlessly revive the out-dated aspect of your worn out floor.


• Heavy-duty paint withstands foot and light traffic and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
• Anti-slip texture improves safety on slip-prone areas, especially near the pool or hot tub, on stairs and in the bathroom.
• Oil and grease resistance: the paint is perfect for your garage or home workshop floor.
• Ultra-matt finish and a selection of colours make it possible to adapt the paint to the style of your interior.


• Very viscous product that is a pain to apply.
• Solvent-based paint is toxic and has a long dry time. You’ll only be able to apply a second coat after 16 hours.