Whether you want to upcycle old furniture just for the fun of it or you’re trying to bring a new lease of life to your interior without spending an arm and a leg, furniture paint can be a quick and cost-effective solution.

There are a wealth of products to choose from. But with so many options, picking the right paint for wooden furniture is often overwhelming.

That’s why our expert team is here to help. Involved in countless interior redecoration projects, our experts have had the chance to test and rate some of the most popular paints in the UK. Our top picks include versatile products to use either on interior or on exterior furniture and wood surfaces. Check them out below.

wooden furniture painted


Our #1 Best Pick

Rustins wooden furniture paint

Rustins Chalky Finish Paint

Contemporary and traditional at the same time – a splendid selection of pastel shades for interior furniture and woodwork.

Low Cost Option

ronseal garden paint

Ronseal Furniture Paint

A low-cost paint to use on exterior and interior wood articles. Perfect for furniture, woodwork, fences and more.

Best Of The Rest

Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint

Chalky finish wood furniture paint suitable to use on a range of interior surfaces.

Shabby Chic Chalk Based Paint

Shabby Chic chalk paint for interior and exterior wood surfaces. Also compatible with other substrates.

Green Brown Beeswax Polish For Wooden Furniture

Super-easy to use beeswax furniture polish enhances the natural beauty of wood.


Choosing a new colour for your furniture is far from easy. The new hue must match the other elements in your interior and comply with the existing colour scheme. White is a timeless classic that works wonders in most spaces. But it certainly isn’t your only option.

A popular contemporary choice is grey, in all its shades. Light grey, including the tones of silver, is perfect to replace traditional white. It adds brightness to a space and is perfect to use on small pieces that need character.

On the contrary, dark grey is suitable to use on large pieces of furniture, such as a wardrobe. Navy and black are two other colours that can soften the aggressiveness of a large piece.

Pastel shades look great in a shabby chic home but also in the kid’s room. Pink, blue, green and yellow are some of the most popular choices.

Blue, perhaps paired with brilliant white, is a nice choice in a coastal home. Neutral tones, including ivory and cream, look great in both traditional and modern spaces. Whether in the living areas or in the kitchen, these shades add brightness to your home.

Bolder colours integrate into an eclectic environment. Electric blue, bright red, and green are just a few shades to consider. These colours also look amazing in the garden, especially if your landscape enjoys the beauty of perennials.

Lastly, you can consider classic brown or just a clear varnish if you want to enhance the natural beauty of your wood grain. From protective stains to waxes, there are plenty of products to consider.

Rustins wooden furniture paint

Our top pick – a velvety matt paint ideal for that perfect “Shabby Chic” look.

Rustins Chalky Finish is our #1 pick, a chalk paint ideal for all interior woodwork and particularly suitable to upcycle furniture.

An attractive selection of pastels make this product perfect for a shabby chic interior, yet some choices are also ideal to use on traditional or modern furniture.

The colour we tested is Georgian Grey, a splendid shade that dries to a light, almost silver, grey. This contemporary hue looks amazing in all interior styles and it can be paired with any of the other colours to create a distressed look.

Enriched with wax, the paint provides long-lasting protection. Formulated for wood furniture, the product is also ideal to use on any other interior wood surface.

A creamy consistency ensures an easy application, but it also increases the chance of getting unflattering brush strokes. Fortunately, the velvety finish disguises any minor surface imperfections and provides a flawless look.


• Water-based paint has a low odour and a low content of volatile organic compounds. It can be used in enclosed spaces and is eco-friendly.
• Compatible with most pre-painted surfaces, the product is easy to apply with a brush. Test the compatibility on a small area before proceeding.
• Chalky Finish Paint comes in five shabby chic colours and covers up to 12m²/litre. Supplied in 250ml tins, the paint is ideal to transform your furniture.
• Quick drying formula ensures fast results. The product touch dries in half an hour and it can be re-coated after approximately two hours.
• One coat is usually sufficient to fully cover previously painted surfaces.


• The colours are slightly lighter than pictured. Georgian Grey, for instance, is more of a light silver.

ronseal garden paint

Versatile and affordable garden furniture paint available in a range of vibrant colours.

Furniture paint often comes at good prices but if you’re on a really tight budget, this garden furniture paint by Ronseal can come in handy. The product is designed for outdoor use and boasts a resistant water-based formulation that will withstand the test of time.

Forming a water-repellent and rainproof film on the painted surface, the product protects wood furniture and fences, but also other substrates including brick, metal and terracotta.

Our favourite feature is the consistency of the paint, which is viscous and easy to work with. A quick drying formulation also helps you deal with any unexpected showers; in fact, the garden paint touch dries and becomes rainproof in only an hour.

Covering up to 12m²/litre, the paint has a good but not exceptional covering power. Two coats are usually sufficient if you’re not making substantial colour changes.

Supplied in 250ml, 750ml and 2.5L tins, this product can also be used on interior surfaces, adhering wonderfully to most previously painted substrates.


• Formulated to resist peeling and cracking, Ronseal Garden Furniture Paint resists the outdoor elements and UV rays. It dries to a matt contemporary finish.
• Compatible with smooth planed and rough sawn wood, this outdoor furniture paint is also suitable to use on a shed, fence or other compatible surface.
• Quality pigments dry to a bright and long-lasting finish. This paint comes in 24 attractive contemporary shades.
• It’s easy to clean the brushes with soapy water. The product is water-based and non-toxic.


• Colour inconsistency is a common problem of this paint. When choosing, remember that most shades are purely indicative and may dry to hues different than expected.
• Viscous paint is tricky to apply in an even layer.

rust-oleum chalky furniture paint

High-quality furniture paint dries to a classic smooth finish.

This furniture paint by Rust-Oleum is a splendid alternative to the products above. Suitable for interior use only, the paint boasts a water-based formulation and it can be used in poorly ventilated environments.

Chalky Finish is an eco-friendly paint, but that’s only one of its many positive features. Requiring no priming or sanding, the product is easy to apply straight from the tin without conducting a thorough surface preparation.

Supplied in 125ml and 750ml tins, Chalky Finish is also a great paint to consider if you want to cover a large surface. A litre of paint covers up to 14m² and a tin really goes a long way thanks to its impressive one coat coverage.

The paint can be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer. Applying the paint with the sprayer is obviously the quickest method, but it’s messy and a lot of product goes wasted. We’d only recommend using it if you need quick results or are looking to boost the covering power.


• A wide colour range adds versatility. Mix and match contrasting hues to create a distressed look or a modern effect. There are 31 colours to choose from.
• Smooth flat finish is attractive and contemporary. This chalky paint dries to a velvety, ultra-matt finish.
• Interior furniture paint is compatible with a range of different surfaces. Use it on woodwork or skirting boards to enhance the beauty of your room.
• Thinned to the required consistency, the product is compatible with a wide range of substrates including glass and ceramic.


• Colour inconsistency is a common issue with this paint too. You can sometimes end up with a shade darker or lighter than expected.
• The beautiful matt finish is not scratch resistant and it may be necessary to protect the paint with a layer of wax or sealer.
• Leftover brush strokes are a frequent occurrence due to the consistency.

shabby chic paint
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Splendid Shabby Chic paint formulated to revamp furniture in one easy step.

Chalk paint represents a true revolution in interior design. Blending traditional and modern elements, this type of paint brings the most out of the two worlds. In this range, Shabby Chic Chalk Paint is one of the most popular on the market and we can only admire many of its amazing features.

Supplied in 125ml tins, the paint comes in a selection of colours and finishes, including a luxurious matt and a contemporary metallic. Enhancing the beauty of vintage furniture, this paint also enjoys a huge range of colour versatility.

There are 36 shades to choose from and all colours are easy to mix and match to create unique compositions.

Ideal to use on un-primed surfaces, Shabby Chic can be used both indoors and outdoors on a variety of substrates. If you’re faced with leftovers once you’ve painted all your furniture, use the remaining paint to redecorate metal or masonry.


• Ultra-fast drying time adds a lot of value to this product. The paint can be re-coated in two hours and it fully sets in only three hours.
• A litre of paint covers up to 12m², which is excellent considering the product’s viscosity.
• Odourless and non-toxic formula can be used in enclosed environments. Once dry, the paint can be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth.


• This paint is on the expensive side considering the volume of a tin and the covering power. It may take over 3 coats to achieve a satisfactory result.

green brown beeswax polish

Natural beeswax polish for interior wooden furniture and surfaces.

Sometimes a shiny finish is enough to revamp the old look of worn-out furniture. There are many specific products to consider but we really like this natural beeswax by Green Brown.

This wooden furniture polish contains natural waxes and food grade mineral oil. Manufactured without harmful chemicals in its composition, this wood wax is ideal to use in all environments, including in the kid’s room.

Moreover, you can even use the wax to enhance or protect wooden toys and nursery furniture.

Ideal for multiple applications, the beeswax can also be applied on wood floors and worktops, on chopping boards and an array of other wooden articles.


• This wood polish contains natural waxes enriched with food grade mineral oil. Both ingredients ensure a shiny finish on furniture.
• Beeswax is supplied in recyclable glass jars. Jar sizes vary from 130ml to 270ml.
• 105% money-back guarantee ensures a safe purchase. If you’re unsatisfied with the product or its results, just return the polish to receive a full refund plus 5% on top of the purchase value.
• Eco-friendly product is ideal for use by people suffering from asthma or allergies.
• A comprehensive instructions manual explains how and when to apply the wax on different objects.


• The jar is very cute but poorly made. Reaching the product is near impossible if you don’t have tiny hands.