There are dozens of colours to consider for your interior doors but white is always one of our favourites. Classic and timeless, white doors add ampleness and brightness – even to a dark and small environment.

But choosing a paint for your interior doors is harder than it seems. The doors are subject to constant wear and tear, so the paint must be tough and resistant. A poor-quality white paint may also turn yellow in time, making your woodwork look out-dated. And there are many other things to consider.

Buying interior door paint can be overwhelming and that’s why we’ve tested and rated the most popular products in the UK. Check out our top picks below.

white internal doors


Our #1 Best Pick

johnstones non drip gloss

Johnstone’s Non-Drip Gloss

A tough, durable and drip-resistant paint for interior and exterior wood and metal.

Low Cost Option

Rust-oleum Universal

Rust-Oleum Universal Paint

Well-priced universal paint to use on a variety of substrates including wood & interior doors.

Best Of The Rest

Ronseal Weatherproof 10 Year

Weather and waterproof exterior wood paint guaranteed to protect your surfaces for 10 years.

Ronseal Ultra Tough

Ultra-tough interior wood paint guaranteed to stay white for up to 10 years.

Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood

Pure Brilliant White paint provides long-lasting protection on multiple surfaces.

johnstones non drip gloss

Quick and easy to apply, non-drip gloss paint suitable for a variety of surfaces and projects.

When high-quality pairs with affordability, it makes for a winning formula. Johnstone’s Non-Drip is a tough and resistant paint product developed for interior and exterior wood and metal. Acting as an undercoat and topcoat in one, Non-Drip can be applied to bare or previously painted surfaces, either indoors or outdoors.

Coming in a selection of neutral shades and contemporary colours, Non-Drip is suitable for white paint enthusiasts with two contemporary options: Brilliant White and White Lace. We tried the latter and were satisfied with the results.

White Lace dries to a vibrant off-white with slight hints of ivory – a stylish choice ideal for those tired of classic white but who’re not yet ready to move on to a bolder colour.

Regarding the characteristics of the paint, our favourite feature is the hardwearing non-drip formulation. Thicker than expected, the product is easy to apply with a brush without leaving unwanted strokes behind.

Another thing we like is that Non-Drip requires minimal surface preparation. Priming is only required on bare substrates and on some non-ferrous or galvanised metals. But most of the time, you can apply the paint straight to the surface provided it is in good condition.


• Excellent coverage for an oil-based product. Non-Drip covers up to 14m²/litre and two coats provide satisfactory results in most cases.
• Non-drip paint comes in 16 colours which include two white shades, a selection of neutrals and some dramatic hues.
• Tough and durable high-sheen finish guarantees resistance to daily wear and tear. The dry film is easy to clean with a damp cloth.
• A variety of purchase options add versatility. This product is supplied in 250ml, 750ml, 1.25L and 2.5L tins.
• Quick drying time for an oil-based paint. Non-Drip touch dries in approximately 4 hours and can be re-coated after 16 hours.


• Oil-based product is toxic and flammable. This paint mustn’t be used on radiators or near sources of fire.
• Some users complained about the Brilliant White not being brilliant enough. Perhaps the finish could be a little glossier.

Rust-oleum Universal

Budget-friendly two-in-one primer and paint available in a range of colours and finishes.

We’ve had multiple experiences with Rust-Oleum Universal and can admit that this paint never disappoints. Ideal for a host of interior and exterior applications, this product comes in a range of contemporary colours and three finishes.

For your white interior doors, we recommend the Matt White version which dries to a contemporary brilliant white. The flat finish disguises minor surface imperfections, including any brush strokes, and is very easy to clean.

If matt is not to your liking, the same colour is also available in Satin and Gloss finishes, while another 16 colours add versatility if you’re tired of white and looking for a new perspective.

Easy to apply with a brush or roller, Rust-Oleum Universal is perfect to use on all interior and exterior surfaces, from woodwork and metal to masonry. Developed for a quick and easy application, this product acts as a primer and topcoat in one.

Another thing we like is the price. Supplied in 250ml and 750ml, Rust-Oleum Universal can easily be defined as affordable and represents a budget-friendly solution for most homeowners.


• Rust-Oleum Universal is developed for use on all surfaces and is formulated with stain blocking and anti-rust agents.
• Apply to bare or previously painted surfaces straight from the tin. Priming is only required on non-ferrous or galvanised metal.
• Quick drying time for a solvent-based paint. Universal touch dries in 2 hours and can be re-coated after 16 hours.
• Watery consistency makes it easy to apply the product with a brush or roller. We wouldn’t recommend spraying the paint.
• Hardwearing finish provides a long-lasting protection of the surfaces without peeling or cracking.
• Ideal to use as an undercoat on porous substrates. Dilute the first coat with 10% white spirit then apply an undiluted coat.


• Rust-Oleum Universal is watery and drippy. It is near impossible to apply it without making a mess.
• Oil-based formula is rich in volatile organic compounds. The product is toxic, harmful for the environment and flammable.
• White paint dries to a beautiful brilliant finish but all other colours are slightly different than expected.

Ronseal weatherproof

Flexible brilliant white paint comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Ronseal Weatherproof is a white paint developed for exterior surfaces and formulated to withstand adverse weather conditions, but we found that it’s also great to use on interior doors exposed to sunlight.
The 10 Year paint is guaranteed to protect the surfaces from water, wind and UV rays for 10 years if applied as instructed. But according to the manufacturer, the paint could last indefinitely if it is maintained with Ronseal Wood Paint.
Hardwearing formula and easy application are two traits that define the quality of this paint. Weatherproof is elastic and it flexes with the movement of the wood, resisting peeling, cracking and blistering.
Thanks to the non-drip formula, it is also easy to perform the paintwork without creating a mess. On a downside, the thicker consistency affects the results and you’ll have to apply the paint professionally to avoid brush strokes and other imperfections.


• Water-based wood paint touch dries in an hour and can be repainted in only 4 hours.
• Weatherproof comes in 2.5L tubs and covers up to 12m²/litre. It is recommended to apply a minimum of two coats but substantial colour changes may require more.
• Ronseal 10 Year Wood Paint is available in 15 attractive colours and satin or gloss finishes. Although formulated for exterior surfaces, the product is also suitable to use on interior doors.


• Ronseal advertises this paint as self-priming but won’t honour the 10-year guarantee unless the surface is first treated with its Super Flexible Wood Primer and Undercoat product.
• Colour accuracy isn’t a strength of this product. Fortunately, pure brilliant white is true to its hue.
• Porous surfaces and substantial colour changes may require more than three coats of paint.

Ronseal ultra tough

Interior wood primer and topcoat formulated to resist intensive wear and tear.

Ultra Tough is a more specific interior door paint from Ronseal. Developed for interior surfaces, this two-in-one primer and topcoat is perfect to use on bare or worn wood and is guaranteed to stay white for up to 10 years.

A great choice for high-traffic areas, Ultra Tough is durable and resistant. Thanks to a great viscosity, the product is also easy to apply with a brush, roller or even with a sprayer.

Despite the very limited colour choice, another thing we like is the choice of finishes. Satin is perhaps the most popular as it combines in a perfect way the hardwearing advantages of gloss with the contemporary finish of matt.

However, if you want to paint your interior doors in a paint that dries to a low-sheen or high-sheen finish, you can choose the product in either matt or gloss.


• Hardwearing interior wood paint guaranteed to stay white for 10 years if applied over a suitable primer.
• Non-toxic water-based formulation makes the paint safe to use in all environments. The paint resists drips, scratches and scuffs.
• Versatile paint developed for interior wood and metal and supplied in 750ml and 2.5L tins.
• Quick drying formula touch dries in 30 minutes and can be repainted after only 4 hours. We recommend a minimum of two coats.


• Very low coverage considering the product is water-based. A litre of paint covers up to 6.6m².
• Ultra Tough is less glossy than oil-based paints. On the bright side, the lack of oils prevents discolouration.

Dulux quick dry satinwood

Quick-dry silk finish paint for interior doors and other wood and metal surfaces.

Quick Dry Satinwood by Dulux is another exceptional product to consider for your interior doors. Boasting a water-based formulation, the product is developed for interior wood and metal and can be applied directly onto previously painted or primed surfaces.

The main feature of this paint, as suggested by its name, is the quick-drying formula which helps you finish all your paintwork faster. Satinwood touch dries in two hours and it can be repainted after six hours if needed.

In fact, thanks to an exceptional covering power, one coat is usually enough and two or more coats are only needed on porous or substantially darker colours.

With regards to the colours, there are plenty to choose from. Satinwood Pure Brilliant White is a classic choice and our favourite, but there are 19 other shades to consider.

Satinwood’s elegant mid-sheen finish complements the colour and gives a contemporary touch to your environment, but this is not your only choice. A low-sheen eggshell finish or a high-sheen gloss add versatility to the Quick Dry range for interior wood and metal.


• Self-undercoating paint is ready to apply straight from the tin onto previously painted or primed substrates.
• Satinwood covers up to 12m²/litre and a coat usually provides satisfactory results. Two or more coats may be required on porous or coloured surfaces.
• Low content of volatile organic compounds prevents discolouration and maintains the colour white and bright over the years.


• Satinwood is a water-based paint and is incompatible with substrates painted with an oil-based product.
• Difficult to apply without leaving brush marks.
• Colours are often inconsistent and dry to shades different than expected.