The look of your paving stones, patios and driveways can make or break the curb appeal of your property. But you don’t have to replace your existing paving slabs to revive your old outdoor pavements. A coat of paint can easily make your property look brand new.

When choosing a paint for paving stones and driveways there are a few things to consider. The most important is durability. A paint that can’t withstand heavy traffic will peel off quickly.

You also must choose a product that withstands adverse weather and elements. To help you find the right product, our expert team has tested and rated the most popular paints in the UK. Check out our top picks below.

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Our #1 Best Pick

thompsons drive seal

Thompson’s Drive Seal

Our top pick – a slip resistant and quick drying paint developed to revive old tarmac.

Low Cost Option

rustins step & tile

Rustins Step & Tile

Versatile and inexpensive step tile paint – suitable for a wide range of applications.

Best Of The Rest

Ronseal Diamond Hard Doorstep Paint

A slip-resistant, scuff-resistant and scratch-resistant doorstep paint designed to revamp your entrance.

Johnstone’s Paint For Bricks, Tiles & Doorsteps

A stylish matt finish, durability, and an excellent price – a paint that delivers good value for money.

Liberon Anti-Slip Coating

A clear anti-slip coating ideal for stone and wood substrates – suitable to use on interior and exterior surfaces.

thompsons drive seal

High-quality driveway paint formulated to protect driveways from oil and fuel stains.

Thompson’s Drive Seal is our favourite driveway paint, a product developed to revive old tarmac and protect your driveways from fuel and oil stains. Drive Seal withstands light to medium vehicle traffic and is ideal for domestic or low-duty commercial use.

Boasting a unique combination of acrylic polymers and inorganic pigments, Drive Seal presents itself as a slightly viscous liquid that is easy to apply on sound tarmac. The product has a low concentration of volatile organic compounds and is safe to use even in enclosed spaces, such as on the garage floor.

The application is easy but Drive Seal won’t adhere to existing oil or grease stains. A proper surface preparation is key to the success of your project, and you should remove any existing stains, dirt, dust or moss before applying the paint.

The easiest way to apply the product is with a long pile roller and for the best results, it is recommended to use Drive Seal on a dry day with temperatures above 10°C. Stir the product vigorously before use and keep stirring during use to ensure consistent results.


• Slightly viscous liquid is easy to apply in a uniform layer on clean and sound tarmac. Drive Seal covers up to 6m²/litre.
• The water-based product has a quick drying time; wait for 4 hours before applying the second coat and for at least 24 hours before heavy use.
• Drive Seal is slip resistant and weatherproof. It is developed to protect the surface from adverse weather and elements.
• Black colour blends well in all environments and revives old tarmac in a breeze.
• Advanced formulation provides a low-sheen finish that resists fungal growth on the coating.


• Coverage is poor on porous surfaces or worn tarmac. Due to an already low coverage, this could end with a costly decoration project.

rustins step & tile

Affordable paint for interior and exterior tiled pavements and floors.

Rustins Step & Tile paint is an affordable solution for low-traffic areas including doorsteps, paving stones and tiled pavements and floors. The product comes in two colours formulated with special pigments that ensure an outstanding opacity.

Developed for interior and exterior use, the product boasts a hard-wearing and weather resistant formula that withstands medium-duty foot traffic but also weather and environmental elements.

The main characteristic of this paint is the superior covering power and the high opacity of the pigments. Available in red and black, Step & Tile covers bare or previously painted surfaces with just two coats. A litre of paint suffices for up to 14m² but actual coverage is determined by the porosity of the surface.

Another thing we like is the finish. Developed mostly for tiles, the paint dries to a gloss coat that gives a “glazed”, elegant look to your pavements and floors. Undoubtedly, a product to consider if you want your paintwork to stand out.


• Step & Tile paint is developed specifically for interior and exterior pavements and floors but it can also be applied to brick, masonry and stone.
• Versatile quantity choice allows you to buy the right amount of paint for your project. The product is supplied in 250ml, 500ml and 1L tins.
• Easy to apply with a paintbrush or roller; the paint is watery, yet it still has an exceptional covering power.
• Water-based paint is safe to use in poorly ventilated environments and it dries fast. The second coat can be applied after approximately 4 hours.
• Durable and resistant finish even on surfaces previously painted with an oil-based product.


• Step & Tile doesn’t withstand heavy traffic, and it chips off easily under constant footfall. We recommend using it in low to medium-traffic areas.
• Unsuitable to use on glazed or quarry tile pavements and floors.

ronseal diamond hard

Hardwearing doorstep paint developed to resist foot traffic scuffing.

Ronseal Diamond Hard is more resistant than Rustins Step & Tile and it could be a great alternative for an area with heavy footfall, such as the entrance. Developed to resist scuffing and scratching, the paint also boasts an anti-slip finish and quick drying properties.

The hardwearing formula is water-based, eco-friendly and safe to use in all environments. However, the product is only suitable for exterior applications and is compatible with brick, concrete and stone surfaces.

A great feature is a self-priming formula that adheres wonderfully to previously painted or bare substrates.

One downside: the product is advertised as weather resistant and suitable for the outdoors, but in reality, the paint doesn’t resist adverse weather very well.


• Diamond Hard technology is developed to increase the product’s resistance and durability in time; this paint resists foot traffic without cracking or flaking.
• Doorstep paint is supplied in 250ml and 750ml tins and it covers up to 12m²/litre.
• The anti-slip finish makes the product ideal for domestic use on slippery doorsteps made of stone or brick.
• Two coats of paint provide satisfactory results; Ronseal Diamond Hard can be re-coated after approximately 6 hours. Leave the second coat to dry for another six hours before stepping on.
• Water-based formula is easy to apply and easy to clean from brushes with soapy water.
• Paint dries to a satin finish which provides a very high level of protection to the substrate.


• The integrity of the paint film is affected by weather; the product either washes off with the rain or cracks in the sun.
• There isn’t too much colour versatility. The paint comes in either brick red or black.

Johnstone's doorsteps paint

Matt red paint ideal for reviving your paving and doorsteps.

Another paving paint product we liked is Johnstone’s Paint for Bricks, Tiles & Doorsteps. Ideal to use on a variety of exterior surfaces, this paint boasts a weather resistant formula that withstands medium foot traffic.

Developed for paving, slates, stone, brick and unglazed tiles, the product comes in a single colour and dries to a contemporary matt finish that is guaranteed to add a stylish touch to your property.

Durability is ensured by a hardwearing solvent-based formulation which is more resistant to the daily wear and tear, adverse weather and elements than most of the water-based products on the market.

Despite its toxic composition, the product has a rather low odour, and it dries surprisingly fast. You’ll be able to apply a second coat after about two hours and walk on it after approximately six hours.


• Hardwearing formula resists daily wear and tear and withstands adverse weather and elements. The product is guaranteed to last for years without chipping or flaking.
• Non-drip paint is easy to apply with a roller or brush without making a mess.
• Johnstone’s Doorsteps adheres beautifully to un-primed but previously painted surfaces and can be used as an undercoat on bare surfaces.
• Developed for doorsteps and paving, the product is compatible with a variety of different substrates including brickwork and masonry.
• Superb coverage for a solvent-based paint. The product covers up to 10m²/litre and one coat is usually enough.


• Solvent-based formula is toxic and harmful for the environment. We recommend using the product exclusively outdoors.

Liberon anti-slip

This clear anti-slip coating doesn’t alter the look of your surfaces.

Liberon Anti-Slip Coating is exactly what it says – a clear anti-slip coating for interior and exterior paving and floors made from stone or wood. Developed to turn any slippery surfaces into non-slip even when wet, this product doesn’t alter the look of the surface, which is great if you like the existing colour and aspect of the substrate.

UV and weather resistant, the paint transforms the smooth and slippery floors into non-hazardous surfaces and it is deal to use on decking, patios, swimming pools, utility rooms and in other high humidity areas either indoors or outdoors.

The water-based product is safe to use in all environments and boasts a quick drying time. Two undiluted coats are usually sufficient to treat your pavements but a very porous substrate may require a third coat.

Allow the paint to dry for at least three hours between coats and for at least 12 hours before use.

Because the product reacts with the surface, we recommend testing the coating on an inconspicuous area for compatibility and end result.


• Water-based anti-slip coating covers up to 12m²/litre and is easy to apply with a brush or medium pile roller.
• UV and water-resistant coating withstands daily wear and tear and adverse weather conditions. It is recommended to treat the surfaces at least once a year.
• Clear coating doesn’t alter the original look of the substrate. The product is suitable to use on interior and exterior surfaces.
• Liberon anti-slip coating is supplied in 1L and 2.5L tins and dries to a slightly satin finish.


• This product may be incompatible with some substrates; test compatibility on a small area before applying to the whole surface.